Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site, and for that I apologize.  I have made notes of pretty much every day that I’ve missed and I do intend to go back and at least add in some notes.

I got up a bit early today to make sure I got my workout in today, since I missed yesterday’s.  It was legs and back.  I don’t know what’s worse, the wall squats or the part where you go up on your tiptoes 75 times.  I am noticing some improvements when I do Ab Ripper X, although I still have to make judicious use of the pause button if I want to do it all.  Milly sat next to me and did a few of the exercises herself before she got bored and went off to play with Harvey.

I took Milly to play with Maggie then went to visit a client.  I was trying out the new service I’m so hyped about for the first time.  They were shooting a commercial, so I just took a bunch of pictures and a few videos from that and around the office, which I started distributing today and will continue to do over the next few weeks.

Stopped by the Half office since it was near where I was, but Carmin was leaving and Christian had just left.  I did get to take a look inside the place though.  When I get an office I’d like it to be something like that, nice and open, except with a closed-in office.

Spent the rest of the day organizing what I’d done and continuing to update my own website, for the most part.  Amanda and Milly picked up Callie and they all went to Milly’s dance class, which was one where there was an invitation for all the girls to dress up and bring a friend.  Apparently Milly didn’t listen to Miss Michelle much today because she and Callie were off doing their own thing.  We really are trying to get Milly to work on minding.

Amanda wasn’t feeling great, getting sick, so I went out to get a pizza and took Milly, who was wanting a lot of interaction, with me.  Milly and I played Candy Land and she won.  We got all the way through the game, which was impressive.  Then I gave her a bath.

Amanda and I watched a couple more episodes of Revenge.  I realized we were close to the end of the season, so I figured we could go ahead and wrap that up.

Amanda talked with her mom on the phone for a while after that.  Political discussion.  Amanda was trying to tell Karen why she voted how she did while saying that she doesn’t really like either legitimate choice.

Zach Dotsey