Yesterday Milly succeeded in not messing up her pullup for the tenth time, and nicely enough of her she continued that today, so Amanda and I took her to Toys R Us to get the Baby Ariel doll she saw at Target that prompted the whole deal we made with her.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have an Ariel with a car seat or carrier or whatever the thing is they put these dolls in, so Milly picked out a Cinderella one instead.

I didn’t do great with my P90X workout today.  I was pretty wasted when it came to the pushups, but I guess that happens.  I do feel like I did better with Ab Ripper X today though.

While I was working out Milly decided she set up a party for some of her toys in the doorway of my office.  She kept asking me what was wrong when I would make noises or whatever.  After I was done I played with her for a few minutes.  We had a good time.

I went up to shower after that, and before I’d been in there long I heard Milly screaming like she’d hurt herself.  I ran out of the shower and called out to ask her what was wrong.  I saw her at the bottom of the steps and she was crying that she wanted to take a shower too.  I told her not to ever act like that unless it was something serious.  She gave me a bit of a scare with that scream.

Milly had told me shortly after she got up that she wanted to go play with Eli today, so I called Amy and let Milly ask her if she could come over and play.  After the shower I dropped her off there then went home to do some work before getting picked up by Reece to go to a meeting to discuss the Cru website.

I stayed pretty busy after I got back until we left to get Milly’s doll.  We also decided to eat at Islands and met the Warkentiens there.  Ada was really friendly and playful with me.  Milly and Eli were restless after they finished their food so we let them go sit in a booth together.  Milly, who had been moody since she didn’t sleep during her nap and didn’t have much rest time, was very sensitive and got upset when Eli would play with her by doing things like tickling her.  Eli also tried to take his shirt off when Nick and Amy went to get drink refills.  That was kind of funny.

On the way back to the car Milly told me that she was going to be a good mommy to her Baby Cinderella, whom she had taken to the restaurant.  When we got home Milly went to put it in the pack & play, but we convinced her that the doll would rather sleep with her in her bed.  She had a bath after that then went to sleep.  Amanda and I watched Modern Family, Once Upon a Time and the season two premiere of Revenge.

Duke had an exhibition game against Winston-Salem State tonight and won 69-45.  It wasn’t on TV, but I followed reports of the game.  From what I heard Amile Jefferson was looking really good.  The three pointers were off tonight (I think they only made one), but the defense, which was a big problem last season, was improved.  Mason Plumlee lead the team in points and Seth Curry, though he didn’t do much, played for the first time since injuring a leg a few weeks ago.  I’m guessing it’ll just take him some time to get back into the swing of things.

My sleep schedule has been off in that I’ve been going to bed earlier lately and getting up a little earlier.  It’s nowhere near midnight yet and I’ll probably go to bed soon after I finish typing this.

Zach Dotsey