Milly got up last night and went to the bathroom around 3:00.  She wanted me to help her because she had to go #2, and she did squeeze me a bit, but nothing ever came of it.  She mostly just talked to me.  When she did finally go back to bed she did a nice job of closing the door and getting back in bed by herself.

Paul, Amanda’s cousin, came to town from DC for a visit and stopped by the ouse for lunch on his way in.  He and Amanda went to pick up some Poor Piggy’s BBQ while I stayed home and worked on some sites.  He hung out for a bit then went to Anna and Barry’s, where he was staying for the weekend.

The plan for the evening was to meet up with all of them, Hannah and Christian, Kirsten and her boyfriend Alec and Jay and his girlfriend for dinner downtown at 7.  Stephanie said she’d watch Milly, but Milly was sick and got worse as the day wore on, so I told her not to worry about it.  When Amanda posted something on Facebook about it, Jamie offered for us to drop Milly off at 8, but that wouldn’t work out well because we’d be dropping her off just to go to sleep, plus we wouldn’t have gotten to the restaurant until it was time for dessert, at the earliest.

I told Amanda I’d stay home with Milly.  I really like the group we’d have been going out with, of course, but in the end it’s her family.

When Amanda got home she told me that Barry ordered every dessert on the menu for the group to sample.  I told her she should have brought some home for me, but she said there wasn’t anything left.  Later on she told me that everyone said they missed me, and I said if they meant that they’d have saved some dessert for me.

Afterwards they all went to Hannah and Christian’s to hang out for a bit.

Milly and I didn’t really do anything.  She wasn’t feeling great, obviously, so I let her just chill out and watch cooking videos on YouTube.

Prior to Amanda going out I had a somewhat busy late afternoon/early evening.  I went to drop off a check then stopped by Lowe’s to get a new handle for the toilet upstairs because that one broke recently.  I also picked up some air filters because it’s been eons since I last changed those.  Bad, I know.

Then I stopped by Best Buy.  I had a $5 rewards certificate that I thought expired on the fifth, but it was actually tomorrow.  There wasn’t anything I really wanted for that much money and the stuff I did think I could use was all cheaper online, so I ended up picking up a video game, Dragon Age II.  Games are cheaper than they used to be, especially ones that have been out for a while.

I also stopped by Costco to pick up cat litter, flea and tick stuff for all three pets, chicken nuggets and a hot dog.

After Milly went to bed I played Dragon Age, which I enjoyed.  It’s made by Bioware, the makers of the Mass Effect games, and it’s pretty similar except that it’s a fantasy world instead of a sci-fi world.  I started over three different times because I kept changing what kind of character I wanted to play.  I ended up on the mage, which I’m enjoying.

Zach Dotsey