We started our Saturday off the way Saturdays should start, which was by lazing about in bed and watching cartoons.  Milly got up and got in bed with us then said she wanted to watch Lilo & Stitch.

I eventually went to the store to pick up some eggs and biscuits and Amanda made breakfast.  Afterwards I played some more Dragon Age II while Milly sat in my lap and pretended to play as well.  She went down for a rest at some point and Amanda folded the mass of clean clothes that has accumulated in the guest room.  Milly and Amanda also made a rocket out of the box Amanda’s boots, which arrived yesterday, came in.

After Milly got up we all went over to the Frazelles’.  Barry and Paul were out motorcycling through a couple counties.  Anna, Hannah, Christian, Kirsten and Alec were all there though, and Karen, Amanda’s mom, showed up as well.  We brought Milly’s rocket and she spent some time painting that.  She ended up in her underwear and half painted herself, so I washed her off then rinsed out Anna and Barry’s tub.

Barry and Paul came back a little while before dinner.  Milly had been getting a little cranky before they arrived, but was in a better mood after they came back, which may or may not be because we had her rest on the couch and watch some “Strawberry Shortcake with the Short Hair”.  I don’t think she ended up having much of anything for dinner, but she still wasn’t feeling great from her cold, and she never did actually nap today.  She sure did keep coming into the dining room to inquire if everyone was done and if it was time for cake yet though.  At one point Paul was the only one still eating, and she said, “PAAul, you have to hurry up.”  She got a giant fork for him to eat his food with, reasoning he could eat faster with it.

We all sat around the table chatting for a while, as tends to happen when we have dinner with the Frazelles, and Terry, Karen’s and Anna’s cousin who just moved to Wilmington a few months ago, came by with a friend who had helped her move.  It was near time for us to leave when she got there, but we stuck around a little while anyway.  Milly was wanting someone to play with her, so I went to do  that and found that Karen had given her a sucker despite Amanda telling her she couldn’t have any more snacks.  I guess that’s what grandma’s do.

We got Milly to bed a bit late.  8:40 maybe?  Then we watched a Revenge and went to bed.  Actually, Amanda went to bed.  I was in and out during the show and slept the first half or so of my night on the couch before heading upstairs.

Zach Dotsey