Didn’t sleep much last night, coughing.  Stayed downstairs so I wouldn’t wake Amanda up.  I heard Milly crying a little before 6 and went up to check on her.  She was saying she wanted her mommy, but I got her to talk to me instead.  She had a bad dream, something about a little man with a sword and her friends… I don’t know.  Anyway, we talked about nice dreams she could have and she went back to sleep after I stayed with her for the two minutes of bedtime music.  I got into my own bed after that, but then Milly got up at 7:00 and I couldn’t really get back to sleep, mainly because she was cheerfully chatting with me.

Milly was very sweet this morning.  I put some Disney songs on Spotify and she danced around to them.  Beauty and the Beast, Be Our Guest, Bella Notte, Circle of Life, Can You Feel the Love Tonight.  I love that girl so much.  Watching her dance around in her little Belle dress made me have to choke back tears, it was so sweet.

I told Amanda how tired I was after she got home and she advised that I take a nap.  I decided that wasn’t a bad idea, so I did it after knocking out all the pressing work.  I looked at myself in the mirror beforehand and the circles under my eyes were a deep black.  I was out for a few hours.

Milly’s Play-Doh accumen continues to grow.  She created a ring for me and insisted I wear it, which I did until it started drying out some.  She even stamped a face on the side of it.

Went to leaders meeting at church.  Had a larger than usual group.

On Tuesday someone posted a post that’s gone around on Facebook some saying they didn’t know how someone who calls themselves a follower of Christ could vote Democrat.  I was offended that someone I knew, who should have had a pretty good idea of how I was voting, would presume something like that about my salvation.  I posted, on my own wall, that I respect the opinions of my informed friends and lamented that the courtesy is not always returned.  Another friend was very hurt by the first one, so I contacted the person who posted it.

I didn’t hear anything back until tonight.  Actually, I didn’t technically hear anything back tonight.  I saw another post addressing what I had said.  It didn’t really help matters, in my mind.

Zach Dotsey