Duke played first game of the season tonight against Georgia State and won 74-55.  Duke’s defense looked improved, but they were sloppy and had a lot of turnovers.  The biggest question mark from the fans was to asked why Alex Murphy didn’t play.

Next up in Kentucky, who beat Maryland tonight by three.

Amanda took Milly to the Aquarium today with Stephanie, Jacob and Emma Love.

Michael and Jenn stopped by to drop off an apron Jenn made for Milly.  I think she’ll enjoy it because she’s all about pretend cooking lately, particularly with Play-Doh.  She really likes making what she calls cookie cake.  She does this by squeezing a tube of Play-Doh out from the Fun Factory, cutting it into pieces, putting it in a pot that came with her play kitchen and putting it in her play kitchen’s oven.

I consulted someone about the Facebook drama then had a discussion about it.

Zach Dotsey