Aunt Robbie called and asked, knowing my answer, who I was rooting for tonight.  She asked what I thought about it, I told her Duke by 6-10 points.

Dad told me not to call him up complaining about Duke losing to Kentucky, because he’d be asleep.  He and Mom were going to get dinner and see Skyfall, new Bond movie, in IMAX.

Stephanie Konny said I was the only Duke fan she was saying good luck to.

Duke won by seven.  Really good game.  Were up 12 or so towards the end, but UK made a run and got within three.  Exciting early season matchup.  Both teams had a lot of good things to take away from it.

Did Yoga X this morning.  First workout in a week.  Still not 100% healthy, but I felt a lot better.  Milly sat by and encouraged me, gave me pointers based on things Tony Horton was saying.

Milly got up from her rest (don’t know if she slept at all) after about an hour and a half.  I heard her open the door and come downstairs, but I acted like she surprised me when she walked up to me in the office.

Later she brought her little toy laptop, put it on my desk and said, “I’m going to get into your lap and teach you how to work.”  After I finished working for the night, I decided to play some Dragon Age 2.  Milly likes to sit in the papasan with me and hold an Xbox controller and pretend she’s playing too.

Amanda made some chicken for dinner tonight, added in some queso, sour cream and some chips.

Zach Dotsey