Slept downstairs last night so my coughing wouldn’t bother Amanda.  I’m almost totally over my cold, but the cough just won’t go away.

Amanda and Milly came downstairs some time after 7:00 this morning.  Amanda said Milly had been crying and screaming about needing medicine and realized she was doing it in her sleep.  Amanda had to shake her awake, and when she did she said Milly was just fine.

Anyway, they were supposed to be coming down so Milly could get in bed with me, but she decided she wanted to stay up.

Did legs and back workout today.  Kicked my butt more than usual, probably because of my week-long hiatus (not including yesterday).

Milly didn’t pee in her pullup again.  We’re hoping she’s totally done with that because we’re almost out of pullups and really don’t want to have to buy any more.

We started a new study in small group tonight on Forgotten God, another Francis Chan book.  The study went over a little.  Reece told us we did a good job of leading the study, but I’ll give all credit to Amanda.  She researched the questions more and guided the discussion.  I mainly coughed a bunch.

That drama I mentioned a bit ago from Facebook hasn’t resolved itself yet.  It reared back up again today, I’d say.  I’m not sure if it’s close to over or not.

Zach Dotsey