I’ve been terrible at keeping up on here, I’m sorry.  Sometimes it’s because I’m doing work-related things, sometimes it’s because I’ve been addicted to playing Dragon Age 2 and sometimes it’s because Milly’s been waking up earlier ever since the time changed and I haven’t been sleeping as much, so I’m going to bed earlier.

Today wasn’t a typical Monday as Milly wasn’t here.  I got up as Amanda was finishing getting ready for work, took my morning constitutional then did my workout, which was stretching today.  After that I showered, checked email then went to Costco to get some dog food, since we ran out last night.  I couldn’t help but think it would last a little longer, now that Bruce isn’t here.

After that most of my day was spent working on that site with the malware infection.  I took a few breaks to take care of a few other things, but otherwise it took up pretty much my entire day.

Karen brought Milly home around 2:30 and I let her stay up to play with Play-Doh for half an hour then had her take her rest.  I don’t know if she ened up resting at all, but she did stay quiet for most of an hour and a half.  She did tell me she thought the sheets were funny, since Amanda and I changed them and put on a duvet cover yesterday.

Amanda got home around 5:30 and got a call from her mom asking if we wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, which we did, of course.  So we did that then went back home.  I did a little more work then Amanda got Milly ready for bed.  While doing that she discovered that Cobb had peed on some clothes and shoes, so she spent some time cleaning that mess up.

After Milly went down I finished up some work while Amanda wrapped some presents that came in for Milly today then we watched Big Bang and 30 Rock.  We’re mostly caught up on the hour-long shows that we’ve been watching, so just about any hour show we’d watch would mean getting sucked into half a season of shows.

Today was GG’s actual birthday.  Amanda’s grandma turned 81, I believe.

Zach Dotsey