Okay, I think I’ll stop talking about Bruce quite so much after this.  Today would have been his 11th birthday, so that was a bit tough.  It’s not that we even did stuff for his birthday all the time, but just knowing it was kind of hard.

Milly came into my room this morning and after a bit of playing around I told her it would have been Bruce’s birthday.  We were sitting on the floor and I asked if she remembered Bruce.  She looked over towards the head of the bed, where she’d been playing with him the day he died when Amanda noticed that his breathing wasn’t right, and she said, “He got sick because I played with him.”

That broke my heart.  I was quick to tell her that she didn’t make him sick and she had nothing to do with it, and that Bruce really appreciated that she was playing with him that day.

Amanda and I reminisced a little throughout the day.  She cleaned the bedroom and steam cleaned the carpet and said she almost felt guilty about not having to worry about Bruce peeing on things again.

The room does look a lot better.  Next up: the office.

I had a meeting this afternoon, so I was away at that when Amanda and Milly left the house for dance class.  I was talking to Amanda and she told me that Milly said she missed me and wanted to hug me, so since we actually weren’t too far away from each other we met in the Costco parking lot so I could give Milly a hug.  Then she started crying, like she was really sad.  She said she wanted to sleep, so we gave her the choice between going to dance class and The Fuzzy Peach versus going home and really sleeping.  She chose sleeping.

Milly seems to enjoy going to dance class when she goes, but she’s usually not too big on actually going.  Anyway, she said she wanted to sleep on the couch downstairs, so we let her try it out with a warning that if she didn’t, she’d have to go upstairs and sleep in her room.  Amanda was vacuuming upstairs and couldn’t hear Milly yelling to her that she couldn’t sleep because of the noise.  After Amanda finished though, Milly wouldn’t settle down, so, much to her dismay and against her vociferous protests, she ended up upstairs anyway, where she slept for a few hours.

Bonnie called me today and asked if Milly would like the job of turning her Christmas wreath on every day, which Milly was excited about.  Unfortunately, it was raining when she got up, and by the time we remembered it I saw Bonnie pull into her driveway.  Milly wanted to go over there anyway, but Bonnie was gone again before Milly got herself dressed.

Her outfit was cute, by the way.  She had what she called her “rain rain go away come again another day” shirt, the tutu Amanda made for her birthday, rain boots and her umbrella.

I worked pretty late.  I made a point to be available for a West Coast client at 5:00 to try to make some headway on wrapping up their site.  I didn’t talk to them for too long, but I did work on a number of tweaks to the site until kind of late.

Erin introduced us to an app called SongPop, where you identify a song clip as soon as you can in a challenge against people you know.  Now, I’ll say that I’d have won a few more had I not accidentally hit the wrong choice a couple times, but overall I’m very disappointed in how I’ve done with that game.

Amanda and I watched an American Horror Story and a How I Met Your Mother tonight before she went to bed.

Zach Dotsey