I’ve decided I hate Song Pop.  I like playing it, but the scoring drives me nuts.  It seems to me that each song should be scored the same, but the more you get right the more points you get and the last song is overly weighted for no apparent reason.  I probably wouldn’t care, but I just plain suck at the game.  My current record is 16-50.

Here’s what I found about the scoring:

The maximum possible score in a round appears to be 25,088 points.

Each question is awarded a score based on time and how many consecutive answers you have in your streak. It is completely independent of times on previous questions

Score = (11 – Time) * 100 * (11 – Time) ^ ((Streak-1)/4)

That is basically a Base Score times a Multiplier:

Base Score = (11 – Time) * 100
Multiplier = (11 – Time) ^ ((Streak-1)/4)

So the Multipliers become:

1st correct: 1
2nd correct: (11 – Time) ^ 0.25
3rd correct: (11 – Time) ^ 0.5
4th correct: (11 – Time) ^ 0.75
5th correct: (11 – Time)

So for a typical 2 second time, the multipliers are: 1.0, 1.7, 3.0, 5.2 & 9.0

From there you can make some conclusions that explain all of the strange scoring:

– a single streak of 3 (1+1.7+3=5.7x) is better than 2 streaks of 2 (1+1.7 + 1+1.7=5.4x)

– total time doesn’t matter because later questions count for more … time for the last question (9.0x) counts for almost as much for the previous 4 combined (1+1.7+3+5.2 = 12.9x)

– time matters for really large scores:

0.1 sec per question = 25,088 points (max possible score ???)
0.8 sec per question = 22,326 points (needed for 22,000 achievement)
1.4 sec per question = 20,075 points (for 20,000 achievement)
2 sec = 17935
3 sec = 14613
4 sec = 11603
5 sec = 8908
10 sec = 500 points !!!!

Skipped working out today because I played with Milly a little too long this morning and had too much to do besides.

Work’s been very busy this week.  As I pointed out to Kelly Cain on Twitter, I’m ending Year One with a bang.  I sewed up one site yesterday, plan to finish two more before the end of the month, should be starting a new SEO campaign for another company soon and ought to be starting a social media management campaign for another.  If Nextwave can keep up some consistency in growth in following years, I’ll do okay.

Amy Warkentien posted a coupon for buy one get one for a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.  I printed it out and Amanda and Milly went to get some, but our local store was closed.  Renovations or something.

Ate at Islands with Johnsons and Warkentiens.  Milly had bracelets, a yellow one and a pink one, and Eli and Jacob both wanted the pink one.  Ada was hugging on Emma Love. I don’t think they’ve met before.

Anna met us there and took Milly, who ate all but the very end of her soft taco, to The Fuzzy Peach while we headed off for small group.  It was just us, the Johnsons, David and Nick (Meyer, of course).  We had some good side discussions.

Zach Dotsey