ugly-sweatersAt Port City Community Church, there’s a meeting for small group leaders every second Thursday, but in December it’s a Christmas party.  This year everyone brought something and there was a tacky sweater contest (as there was last year), and that’s where we were tonight.  Amy rode there with us as Nick was already there, working.  In fact, we maybe saw him all of five minutes.  It’s a little ironic because last year Amy was working and we only saw Nick.

It was fun.  We met some people, ate lots of stuff and just had a generally good time.

I was stressing earlier in the day.  I’ve got a site that I needed to be pretty much done with as of tomorrow around lunchtime, another project I intend to finish before the end of the year, requests for changes from another site that they want done as soon as possible and a few other minor things here and there.

At one point I fooled myself into thinking that today was Wednesday and that I therefore had an extra day, which was not the case.  I was even going to ask Amy if she’d mind watching Milly in the morning, but since it was actually going to be Friday and Amanda’s off Fridays, that was moot.

I ended up staying up pretty late.  I mean, the site was pretty much done, but I had a good bit of tidying up and whatnot to do.  It looks really good, if I do say so.

Despite all this, I packed Milly up and went to lunch at the mall to meet Amanda, Peggy and Earl and Anna and Kirsten.  Milly and I didn’t linger to long though, since I had so much to do.  When we got home Milly went down for a nap and I got some stuff done.  Milly did get up and come downstairs maybe half an hour or so after I put her down, but I convinced her to go back up, and she stayed down for a while after that.

Milly’s back into a Ruby Gloom phase, and today she kept singing a song on one of the episodes, or part of it anyway, which goes “Stop it stop it stop it right now!”  (There’s another one where part of it goes “Oh what the heck / Throw in a train wreck.”)  When we got home I changed it up to tell her things like “Go up go up go up stairs now!”  Or “Time to time to time to rest now!”

Zach Dotsey