I volunteered at church this morning, running cameras.  It was a nice week to do it because I had the honor of helping film the baptism of Glenn, one of the other camera/production volunteers.  I don’t know him really well, but we work together sometimes and he’s always been good to talk to.

On top of that, there was a waffle station set up backstage for the volunteers, and it made some of the best, light waffles I’ve ever had.  Aaron, one of the other camera guys, joked with me because I put powdered sugar, syrup and whipped cream on mine.  We likened it to Buddy the Elf and he called it a Dotsey waffle.

And then, on top of that, Pastor Jackson was in attendance at the 11:00 service.  Pastor Jackson is from a partner church in Kenya.  He and his wife, who died this past year, set up an orphanage over there.  He was here with his three daughters.  Pastor Jackson gives off such a warm and spirit-filled aura.  I was walking through the offices to cut through to the auditorium to sit with Amanda after I’d finished up with the second service when I passed him and Mike Paschal.  At first I just walked by, figuring they were busy, but then I turned around, shook  his hand and said, “Pastor Jackson, my name is Zach.  It’s always a pleasure to see you here.”  Not a big deal, but I wanted to let him know.

The service today was set up like an interview with Chris asking questions of Mike and co-writer Rachel Olsen about the book they wrote based on a series Mike has done for the past several years called My One Word.  A few of us were talking to Mike in the green room prior to the first service and he said he was more nervous than usual about today because he wanted to make sure people didn’t think it was a big infomercial or that the sole purpose wasn’t to promote the book, but that the people of the church understood that they were all integral in it and what an opportunity it is for everyone.

At the beginning of each service Mike also came out and talked about the terrible events that happened in Connecticut on Friday.  What stuck with me the most was when he said that we are like any child who runs to their father when something awful happens and ask him “Why?”  But in those times, the answer is not what’s important; what’s important is that our Father is there to hold us.

Amanda told me that when they got to the church Milly was asking where her daddy was, so she was very excited to see me when I got her out of Grow Zone and she decided to ride home with me.  We finished last night’s stuffed shells then Milly took a nap while Amanda and I caught up on some TV.  I thought about doing some work, but I just didn’t have the energy, between helping watch three active girls (alone for a decent portion of that time) yesterday and waking up early today.

When Milly got up we went to Surfberry for some frozen yogurt since they’re going to be closed for renovations or expansion or something for a few months.  The Frazelles met us out there.  Milly was insistent that B sit next to her, then the two of them spent most of the time playing.

When we got home Milly and I snuggled up on the couch and watched Toy Story.  She was definitely in a Toy Story mood since she had us acting out parts of Toy Story 3 on the way home.

Today was the two week anniversary of Bruce’s death, which didn’t escape me.  When I fed Harvey this morning I couldn’t find his bowl.  Bruce’s bowl was on a little stand that holds two bowls, so I put the food in the one Bruce’s wasn’t covering, but Harvey wouldn’t go over there to eat it.  I will say I think it had more to do with his training and the fact that he’s used to his bowl being by the jelly cupboard, but I still thought it was sweet that he didn’t think he could eat from where Bruce ate.  All that said, Amanda told me later that she started feeding him there and that he will eventually go eat it.

Zach Dotsey