I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but Nextwave has had a lot to do lately.  I’ve got two websites I’m trying to finish before the end of the year.  I’ve got a rough draft for a book cover I’m working on for someone, then I’ve got to look into updating their homepage and starting some social media management for them.  Then I’ve got an SEO campaign that I’ll be starting once some details are ironed out.  Then I’ve got another site that wants to revamp their homepage somewhat.  I’ve also got a site to transfer to my server, but as I found out today, their current host is running low on space, which is hindering my ability to create a backup.

Of course, most of that is supposed to be done ASAP.

It’s a good problem to have, as I get ready to close out my first year of being in business for myself.  Really, it’s been an awesome year.  If I can repeat it next year, or if I can get the part of it going that I really want to focus on, things will be very good.

I didn’t do my workout today.  In part it was because Milly wanted to play, and the events in Newtown have me really valuing my time with Milly.  Another part of it was that I’ve got so much to do I figured I’d need to get as much work time in as possible.  And then final part of it was that I didn’t want to still be working out when Karen got here to pick up Milly.

I would have been, too.

Milly and Karen went to Toys R Us today, I think.  Milly came home with a Christmas placemat, an advent calendar and two hairbands.  They got back around 2, I fed Milly a toasted cheese sandwich then she napped until about 4:30, maybe a little closer to 5.

Amanda thinks she’s trying to get sick, so when she got home I went out to pick up some Airborne.  They only had one bottle of the citrus chewables left and two of the berry ones, so I got one of each.  We both tried the berry ones and didn’t like them.  The taste was familiar, like some other kind of medicine, but I couldn’t quite place it.

I saw Gregory Mason at the store and talked to him for a few minutes.  When we parted ways he told me he might get me a new hat for Christmas, since I was wearing the Duke hat I often wear.  I called back to him, “Number one, baby!”  Because, as I said on Saturday, Duke became the new #1 team in college basketball this week.

Given Duke’s schedule and the teams they’ve beat so far this season, it should have been unanimous, but Michigan also received a few first place votes.  It’s all good though.  As the AP article says:

Duke has reached No. 1 at least once in a record 16 seasons under coach Mike Krzyzewski, and has played more games as the No. 1 ranked team in 33 years under Coach K (209) than as an unranked team (141).


No team in the country has the resume that the Blue Devils do: They own three wins over teams ranked in the top five at the time – then-No. 3 Kentucky, then-No. 2 Louisville and then-No. 4 Ohio State, all in a span of 16 days.


It is the 123rd week Duke has been ranked No. 1, 11 weeks behind UCLA. All but 31 weeks of Duke’s stay on top have come since the 1991-92 season. The Blue Devils’ last time at No. 1 was an 11-week run in 2010-11.

Milly kept wanting me to play with her tonight.  She was a princess and Amanda was a queen and she wanted me to be a prince.  Amanda got her to go into the living room to play with her, but every time I moved and my chair squeaked I heard her ask, “Is Daddy coming?”  I could have worked a bit more, but I chose a stopping point and went to play with her.

I also showed her how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, as opposed to the toasted cheese sandwich I gave her for lunch.  She didn’t seem too keen on trying ti out at first, but  she really liked it after she tried a few bites.  It was, I’ll say, a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich, with sharp cheddar cheese on oatmeal bread.

Amanda and I caught up on Law & Order: SVU then watched an hour long (really two combined episodes) of How I Met Your Mother.  Barney and Robin are now engaged.  We’ll have to decide if we want to catch up on Fringe or Supernatural next.

There was a memorial service for the victims of the shooting in Newtown last night and the president was there to say a few words.  Sunday Night Football was interrupted (as they announced they would be) and a lot of really nasty, ignorant things were posted on social media.  Amanda saw some on her Facebook timeline last night, but I read an article today chronicling some of the more ignorant statements.  You can read it here (language warning) if you like.  It’s just really sad on so many levels.

Zach Dotsey