After being off for a while for exams, Duke had a game against Cornell tonight. They’re an Ivy cupcake, sure, but after some time ofBrits good to start off easy, especially since they play another team (Elon, which should also be an easy one) tomorrow.

Cornell did keep it tight in the first half, but Duke blew the doors off starting late in the first. They had a 23-0 run in the second and finished 88-47.

Meanwhile, an awful Texas team who lost to Division II team Chaminade, beat Carolina 85-67. I think Texas had an 18 or 19 point lead in the first half, but it got to within four somewhere under ten minutes. I was pretty sure Texas was going to choke it away, but the Heels ran out of steam and fouled probably more than they should have at the end. I was reading Inside Carolina, a UNC message board, and a lot of them were calling for coach Roy Williams to step down.

I finished Dragon Age 2. I really enjoyed that game. I might start another game and try out a different character type. If I do I’d be surprised if I played it the whole way through again.

Milly, dressed in the fairy dress she got from Maddox last night (replete with wings) and I, wearing a Santa hat at Milly’s request, went shopping for Amanda’s Christmas presents this morning. Milly showed me something she wanted to get for Amanda as I was checking out, so I decided to get it.

Amanda called on her way one from work and we met up for lunch at El Cerro Grande.

I stayed pretty busy when we got home and worked until 5:30 or so before doing my reading for small group.

Amanda made brownies for group. Nick texted me to say he was picking up some BBQ and asked if we wanted any. He ended up just getting the tailgate special.

He and Tristan lead the study tonight, and did a good job. I can tell he’s gotten more comfortable.

Our group was a bit depleted tonight between Christmas travel and illness.

Sarah Lane babysat Milly tonight. She’s the daughter of Amanda’s coworker, Charity. Charity was here too to kind of supervise, but she said the job was all Sarah’s. it sounds like she did a fine job, too.

Zach Dotsey