It seems like any time I get off track posting here it takes me a while to get back on, and it usually happens on a Thursday and continues on through the weekend.  Whatever shall I do?  I do have notes for all the days I missed, which includes Christmas and New Year’s, so I’ve got to post them at some point, right?

prince-ericOne of the apartment complexes the company Amanda works for found a dog that is obviously owned by someone.  He doesn’t like being outside all that much, is friendly and is very comfortable on a couch.  I also learned this evening that he can sit.  I know all this because we’re fostering him right now.  Amanda took Milly to pick him up from the apartment complex.  They called him Milo, but Amanda let Milly pick a name and she chose Prince Eric.  Amanda said something like, “So, Eric?”  And Milly said, “No, Prince Eric.”  So it’s Prince Eric.

In other, possibly terrible news, Ryan Kelly will be out indefinitely.  I hate it for him because he’s been having a great senior season at Duke, and he’s a big part of both the defense and the offense.  On top of that, Duke plays NC State on Saturday, and they’re one of the better ACC teams this year.  I just hope he’s able to heal up quick enough to help Duke stay as good as they’ve been, have a great post-season (and pick up his second NCAA title) and have a nice pro career.

Milly was very playful all day today.  She spent most of the morning watching The Lorax, which Amanda just discovered is on Netflix, and playing with her princess figurines.  She was singing with them and talking for them and kept herself pretty occupied all morning.

I kept pretty busy in the office, but I heard her wanting to play with Amanda several times today.  I think Amanda did play with her quite a bit, but she also had some reading to do.  When Kirsten got here to watch her tonight Milly was all over her, calling her Tinker Bell and urging her to play.

We had good discussion (and a good bit of food!) at small group, even though we were all a little loopy or something tonight.  Jennifer told us a story about knocking David’s teeth out and was almost crying she was laughing so much.

Zach Dotsey