candy-land-best-daddyMilly is such a daddy’s girl.  She was very excited to see me when she got home from spending the night with her Nana and Paw Paw and tonight after I finished working around 6:30 I went to the living room to play with her.  We watched the end of Cinderella together and then she said she wanted to play Candy Land.  I asked her why she thought I’d play Candy Land with her and she said, “Because you’re the best daddy ever.”  There were a few other little things like that that she said, and I loved it all.

After Candy Land we played with her princess figurines and prior to all that Amanda and Milly went on a little walk, with Milly riding her scooter.  They came in when it started getting colder.  It’s a shame, I’ve kind of enjoyed having the windows open in January with the recent 70-some degree weather, but I think that’s coming to an end.

As nice as it was having Milly back, she was a bit cranky earlier, which made me wonder what time she got to bed last night and what time she got up.  Amanda said she did pretty well at dance class, except there were a few times when Milly just decided to do her own thing.

After Amanda and I watched a few shows this evening I watched Wisconsin beat Indiana at Indiana.  Now, I have no beef with Indiana, and I know my brother-in-law Josh likes them, but I had to pull for Wisconsin.  After losing to State the other day, Duke dropped to #3 and Indiana is #2, so Duke, who only plays Georgia Tech this week and should be able to handle them pretty easily, just has to take care of business in order to climb back to #2. Then I can pull for Louisville to get beat by Syracuse so they can drop and Duke can move back to #1.  Nothing personal against either team, I just like my Blue Devils being ranked #1.

Zach Dotsey