I didn’t get my workout in this morning because I was busy from the get-go, but a little later in the morning Milly decided to show me how to exercise and then proceeded to instruct me in a dance class. So that’s got to count for something, right?

Amanda had bought some avocados for some guacamole a little while back and they were starting to go bad, so she made some more tonight for small group. She also made some cupcakes for Cyra’s birthday at work tomorrow (her actual birthday is Friday) and we took a few extras along to small group too.

Amanda asked Milly if she wanted to try any guac, but Milly said she didn’t want any mock-a-lo-lee.

On top of all that, Stephanie had some leftover burrito soup that a few of us munched on, so there was a lot of good food tonight.

The discussion went well too. The Stuffs lead our study on the final chapter of Forgotten God. Next week we’re doing My One Word.

Kirsten said she and Milly had fun. They played with dolls upstairs for a while and watched some Spongebob, which Milly only gets to do with Kookie.

Amanda went to bed not long after we got back. I’ve been watching animated comic book movies on Netflix lately, so I continued that. I’ve watched Batman Year One, Ultimate Avengers, Allstar Superman, Planet Hulk and tonight I watched half of Hulk Versus. The first part was with Thor and the next part is with Wolverine.

I’ve always been more of a Marvel guy, but the DC movies, at least the ones I’ve watched so far, tend to be better.

Zach Dotsey