Duke beat Georgia Tech tonight. The first half was very frustrating to watch because the Yellow Jackets are not a particularly good team and lead by as much as seven points, leading at the half by one. But Duke played like they were supposed to play in the second.

Mason Plumlee was more aggressive. Seth Curry was on fire from three and ended up with 22 points. Rasheed Sulaimon started scoring again. Amile Jefferson continued to take advantage of the extra time he’s getting with Ryan Kelly being out and played very well.

If Duke can consistently play the way they did in the second and reintegrate Ryan Kelly when he’s back from his injury, they’ll go far in March.

Milly really wanted someone “little” to play with this evening. She’s been wanting that a bit lately. She was sad at not having anyone to play with, and that made me sad.

We did have some fun though. At one point when I walked through the living room she jumped into my arms and shouted “Yay Daddy! Yay Daddy!” over and over.

Cyra came over for dinner tonight, sort of a mini birthday celebration. During dinner Milly saw a moth at the door and wanted to have it, so she went to get her bug cage. While she was gone I scared the moth off and when I told her it had left she said, “Oh. Now I’ll never have a bug.” She sounded so dejected, it was kind of funny.

She did come back with her bug cage though, and Amanda happened to notice the moth was on another window and pointed it out. It was funny because we were working against each other. I didn’t want to bother capturing the moth, but Amanda was amused by it. Anyway, Milly ended up with the moth. I can’t remember what she ended up naming it, but she changed it from a boy to a girl at some point.

Zach Dotsey