Did a little work this morning while Amanda took care of some laundry and packed for the weekend. Milly spent time playing with her toddler princess dolls then pretending she was a turtle in a laundry basket.

We left around 1:00. Harvey wanted to come along, but Cyra’s watching the house this week and is taking her dogs with her to help keep Harvey occupied.

We stopped off to see my friend Jason. He broke his leg on Christmas night so I wanted to stop in and see how he was doing. We might have stayed a little longer, but Milly was getting antsy. Still, we were able to cram in conversations about Duke, comic books and video games among other things in the time we were there.

It snowed up this way last night, but there was very little snow left on the ground by this afternoon. Milly was excited when we were able to point an of it out to her though, and we were able to make a few snowballs when we got to my parents’ house.

We had spaghetti and just hung out for the night. We ate, chatted, watched some TV.

Milly’s sleeping on a cot in Erin’s room tonight. Normally she’d sleep in Mom and Dad’s room, but Mom’s getting up early tomorrow. For Erin’s sake I hope Milly doesn’t decide to get p early tomorrow morning.

Right now I’m watching a show called Diggers where these two guys are going around with metal detectors and finding Civil War coins, buttons and other stuff. It makes me want to get a metal detector and check out the woods behind the house here. There are lots of old farm buildings, so I’m sure there’s stuff back there.

Zach Dotsey