The day started out with Milly getting up around 6, though she didn’t come into our room to my knowledge.  My parents found her up and took her to Hardee’s for a cheese biscuit breakfast.  Amanda and I were up around 9.

Everyone said Milly had a good night last night.  Erin had given her a bath with special fragrances and used nice shampoo and product on her hair then gave her two cute braids.  They had pizza for dinner, which Milly always enjoys.

We had breakfast then I ordered a few things for Mom and Dad to be able to hook a computer up to their TV then helped Erin with a couple things on her computer.  After that I helped load up the car, leaving the Rouge for Wilmington around 11.

We got back at about a quarter of 2.  Amanda and I ran inside to change our shirts (we were both hot) and let Harvey out then we jumped right back in and drove to the mall, where Felix Kay was having his third birthday party at Glow Golf, a black light miniature golf place.  There was a lot of people and a lot of kids there and it was really nice catching up with them.

super-millyA number of kids seemed to start melting down at around the same time, ours included and the party dissipated at that time.  There was a little hanging out in the kids play area outside of it.  Milly was wearing a red sweater of Amanda’s, buttoned with just one button at the top, so I told her she looked like a super hero.  She wanted me to make her fly, which I did for a minute, then I showed her how to put her arms out and fly by herself.  She and I were running through the mall down that and she told me she was a super hero and I could be a Ryan Kelly superhero.  Ryan Kelly is the first Duke player’s name she’s really latched onto.

We got home and Milly didn’t want to nap, so I played with her upstairs for a bit, even though I was pretty exhausted.  Christin called and invited us to come over, and I figured it would be a lot easier for Milly to be entertained by a four-year-old (Maddox) than by me.  Amanda was feeling pretty pooped too, but she also wanted Milly to be able to play.

Milly started off going over there on her tricycle, which I think I need to adjust for her height a little, but then she sort of lost her ability to pedal it so I took it back and brought her scooter.  She didn’t know I was bringing it and ran about a quarter of the distance between our house and the Griffin house back to me because she was so excited about the scooter.  I don’t think I’ve ever really watched her run from a distance, and it was really cute.

We got there and Milly and Maddox played.  Christin and Gavin invited us to stay for dinner and we accepted, but we never ended up eating.  At one point, comfortably settled into the couch, I was listening to the sounds the kids were making and thought it was nice that they were laughing and having such fun.  But then I heard Milly start crying really loud, so we all ran back to Maddox’s room.  The light was off so I flipped it on (or maybe Christin did, I don’t know) and Milly was laying on the bed crying pretty hard with a slightly busted lip.  I picked her up and carried her to the kitchen and she spit out some of the blood.  When she did that I saw something small and white on her hand, but didn’t really have the time to think about what it was until Amanda noticed that Milly’s front right tooth was chipped.

What we were able to piece together was that they were playing on the bed  They had the light off because they were playing with one of those toys that casts stars onto the sky, like Milly’s Lady.  I think Maddox threw the toy at Milly (not maliciously) and she was standing up on the bed without much balance, fell over and hit the footboard.  Christin and Gavin felt awful, and I think Maddox did too.  We told them then and later that we weren’t mad, these things happen and it wasn’t really anybody’s fault.

We tried calling Barry to talk to him about it, but couldn’t get an answer from him, Anna, Hannah, Christian or Kirsten until a little bit later.  Amanda talked to him and I’m going to schedule a time to take Milly to see him tomorrow, but he’s going to have to refer us to a pediatric dentist.  It doesn’t sound like there’s much that can be done, but we’re hoping something can be done to fill in the space.  We know it’s a baby tooth, but five years or so is a long time to go without a whole tooth there.

It sucks.  I mean, Milly’s missing about half of the tooth.  She feels fine.  Christin gave us a freezie pop to give her and she had no problem with that, aside from tilting her head from time to time to bite it or chew it with a side of her mouth.  There’s a mark on her lip, but it stopped bleeding pretty quickly.  What sucks though is that she had these cute little teeth, all nice and pretty, and now one of them is jagged.  If nothing can be done, or if it has to be pulled, we’re going to go through maybe twice the number of years that Milly has even been alive before it fills back in, or at least fills back out.  And it’s not that it makes her ugly or anything, but, and I don’t know how to say this without sounding shallow, but it’s an imperfection on a child that everyone has always remarked about how beautiful or cute she is.

And people have said, well it’s only temporary, it’ll grow back, that kind of thing.  And while that’s true, it still sucks that it’s happened.  I’m afraid some idiot kid will make fun of her when she goes to Kindergarten or something and give her a complex about smiling.  Andra tried to help me feel better and talk to me about it, but what if it happened to Addison, Milly’s cousin who is seven months older than she is?  Addison does pageants.  People have told us we should submit Milly to Gap modeling contests and stuff, but she couldn’t win that kind of thing right now, not as a three-year-old missing half of a front tooth.  In a few years when all the kids are losing teeth, sure, but not right now.  That one perfect little tooth isn’t perfect anymore.

Like I said, I know concerns like that might be shallow, but when it’s your kid you want the world to be as perfect for them as it can be for as long as possible.

Then there are other concerns.  Some of the other teeth could have been damaged, or her bite might have become misaligned.  Amanda was worried that it might hinder Milly’s speech development, which I was concerned with initially as well, but I read it’s extremely rare for that to cause an issue.  I also had Milly do the alphabet before she went to sleep and that was fine.  I went through sounds silently to myself and figure the only possible issues would be the sounds for TH and L, but even they should be fine since the tooth isn’t actually missing (for now).

Amanda was also worried that people who saw the tooth might think we’re bad parents who don’t take proper care of their kid.  That one doesn’t bother me in the least.  If someone wants to think that about me because my kid’s missing part of a tooth, I say eff ’em.

So yeah, my biggest concern is the sanctity of my child’s smile and the things that come with that.

millys-chipped-toothFor her part, Milly seems fine.  You can see from the picture that it doesn’t seem to be bothering her.  She wasn’t hurting by the time we put her to bed and I just took her for her nighttime potty break and she said she was feeling fine then too.  (She also asked, “Did you move the toilet in here?”  I guess she thought she was still in her room or something.)  We even did Run in the Air, which we do almost every night, so she was in a good mood.  She was happy.  (If I haven’t described that before, it’s where I pick Milly up under her armpits and she kicks her legs like she’s running as I run her through the upstairs of the house.  She absolutely loves it for some reason.)

Obviously we made a big deal of it at the time of the injury, but we’re going to do our best to minimize the hubbub about it so she won’t feel self-conscious.  She’s got a great self-image already I think, and I don’t want to do anything to damage that.

One thing Amanda keeps thinking is that if only we’d been lazy and not taken Milly to play with Maddox, this wouldn’t have happened.  Obviously any time something happens you can play the if game, but in cases like this it really does no good.  Besides, Milly has, on a nearly daily basis of late, talked about wanting to play with people her size.  Anyway, it just sucks, and I’m not sure how long it will be before we’re able to really consider the best course of action.

Oh, and Harvey was limping tonight.  We heard some weird noise on the stairs tonight right before Amanda was going to go upstairs for bed and when we went to go check on it Harvey was limping on his back right foot.  We couldn’t find anything wrong with it, so hopefully he’ll be fine tomorrow.  We think Cobb somehow surprised him on the stairs or something and it made him trip or stumble.

Zach Dotsey