Barry told us last night to call the office at 8:00 to set up an appointment, but I got a text from him a few minutes before 8 letting me know that the office was about to call me.  They told me to just come on in, so I got Milly dressed real fast an we headed out the door.  When we got there Milly told me she didn’t want any shots.  I thought she was saying socks at first, but then I realized it was socks.  I told her she wouldn’t be getting any shots there.

Barry and Jennifer, the assistant, were great with Milly, of course.  All Barry could really do was take a look and give a recommendation for someone to go see though, since he’s not a pediatric dentist.  He said he thought the other front tooth was cracked, but he didn’t have too much to say about it.

I called Amanda on the way over to Dimock and Weinberg, DDS PA.  They happened to be in the same building as Cape Fear Pediatrics, which is where we take Milly.  Amanda decided she’d meet us there, since we thought we might need to make a decision about Milly’s tooth.  Amanda got there just a couple minutes after I did and it wasn’t long before we were taken to see Dr. Weinberg.

x-ray-chairHe was great with Milly.  He asked her what happened and she told him that Maddox threw the Dream Light at her and she fell off the bed.  (She didn’t fall off the bed.)  He checked out her teeth while she watched a TV they had installed in the ceiling then she went to get x-rays.  She was in a great mood at that point and told the assistant, Andrea, that the camera was cool.  She also got her to spin her around in the chair a few times.

Things really couldn’t have gone any better.  What we learned was that the chip was exposing just a hint of nerve, and it was surprising that Milly wasn’t sensitive to freezie pop she had last night, but Dr. Weinberg said the only “mandate” for the day was to get that covered up, which he did prior to the x-rays.  He described it to Milly as putting some paint on her tooth, like she would put on fingernail polish.  He also confirmed what Milly told him in that her front teeth were loose (I thought she was saying that from having seen it on Caillou or something), but he said they should be fine in a few days.

When we looked at the x-rays he said that the other tooth wasn’t cracked after all.  He told us his recommendation would be to cap it by bonding something to the bottom of the tooth.  I can’t remember what material it was or anything, but that was exactly what we were hoping we’d be able to do, so that’s what we did.  He said we could come back and do it if we thought Milly had had enough already today or we could go ahead and do it now, saying it would take about a half hour.  We asked Milly leading questions to try to get her to say she wanted to go ahead and do it, but we ended up bribing her by telling her we’d buy her two Curious George books.  We’d already told her we were going to get one anyway.  For some reason she’s been wanting a Curious George book recently.

Anyway, Amanda left just before they started because she had to get back to work for one thing, but I think it was mainly in case it caused Milly any pain or whatnot.  Before she left she did see Andrea showing Milly all the instruments, which she surprisingly thought were really cool.  She really liked the one they called Mr. Sucker, the little wand that sucks spit out of your mouth.  She tried that one out a few times.

millys-new-toothMilly did great.  They had to put a mouth spacer thing in, of course, and she didn’t like that much, pushing it aside a couple times before she accepted it being there.  She didn’t like the Tickler, which was the thing that shaved down her tooth.  Dr. Weinberg later told me that he wanted to bevel the tooth a little, but since she didn’t take to that tool very well he didn’t do as much as he normall would have.  There were a few times Milly jerked a little, but she never got upset, never cried, never really complained.  I told her a few times today that she had been very brave.

I don’t think the process took anywhere near 30 minutes.  Dr.Wienberg shaped the new part of the tooth, put some stuff on it, then they shot some blue light at it (which he warned me not to look directly at) which I guess heated or sealed it together.  He then pulled some plastic casing off, which was the toughest part for Milly because nobody enjoys having a tooth scraped, and he trimmed it up, and that was pretty much that.  She got to pick a toy on the way out (she chose a little top) and we were done.  If you look really close under light you can see the line where the tooth was added onto, but I don’t think anybody would really notice at all if they didn’t know.

Amanda had asked me to stop by her work when we were done, and on the way there I asked Milly if she wanted to see the place Mommy and I lived when we first moved to Wilmington, since we were passing right by the Sunset Park neighborhood.  She said no at first, and I said okay, but then she said she didn’t want us to leave her and live by herself.  Once I clarified it was a place we USED to live and that we’d never leave her, she was okay with driving by it.

eating-with-new-toothSo we stopped off at Amanda’s work for a few minutes.  Milly was pretty excited and showed off her new tooth.  After we left there we went to Borders where she looked at a bunch of books and toys before picking out two Curious George books, just like we’d promised.  She got one about the beach and one about camping.  From there we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  We both ate nuggets and she played in the play area a good long while.  What can I say?  I felt like indulging my girl today.

We got home around 1:30.  I read both of the books to her then she napped until about 4:30.  I tried to get some work done in that time, but I was pretty exhausted and, since there wasn’t much in the way of time sensitive stuff to do, I rested for a few minutes myself.  I did end up working until Milly went to bed with a break for dinner, and I did a little bit after Amanda went to bed too.

Milly seemed to have a fun evening with Amanda.  She followed her around brushing her hair, then they played Just Dance and Candy Land before bed.  After she went to sleep Amanda and I watched Fringe, thinking we’d gotten the entire two hour finale when we only had half of it, so we also watched Modern Family and Parks & Rec (featuring a non-speaking cameo by former Blue Devil and current Indiana Pacer, Miles Plumlee!) before watching the second half of the finale.  I thought it ended well enough.  There was a lot of action, a good bit of bizarre science, lots of old characters and a good bit of heart string tugging.

One thing that was really touching to me today was a Facebook chat I had with my cousin David.  He said that if there was an insurance issue and Amanda and I would have a hard time paying for the work done to Milly’s tooth, he’d work on getting the family to pool some money together to help out.  I really appreciated it, because we had no idea how much it would cost.  It ended up not being as bad as we thought (not pocket change, mind you), and we have more than enough socked away in our HSA account to cover it, but it meant  a lot to me that he’d offer.

I also said some of the things I said last night on here, stuff about feeling like being so worried about appearance would come across as shallow, but he said that as the father of a young girl himself, he understood.  Jason said the same thing when I was texting with him later.

I kept Christin up to date on everything throughout the day.  I could tell she and Gavin just felt awful.  They offered to help pay and all, but I told them not to worry about it.  Amanda told her that it could have just as easily happened to Maddox at our house.

Christin texted me later in the afternoon to say that their chihuahua, Gracie, had pooped in our yard while on a walk and that she’d come back with a bag to clean it.  It made me laugh.  I told her not to worry about that either, but asked if they were harboring some anger towards us.  As we continued to chat she told me she was worried we wouldn’t let Milly play with Maddox anymore.  I assured her that Milly loves Maddox and we wouldn’t do that, but that we’d definitely have to keep a closer eye on them when they’re playing.  Maddox is just all boy and can play a little rougher than Milly is used to sometimes.

Zach Dotsey