Started working as soon as I got up. Didn’t go down for something to eat until about 11. The girls, Amanda, Milly and Karen, left to go shopping about that time.

Worked all day, got lots done. Ladies came back and Milly was fussing because Amanda told her she had to take a rest. She was obviously very tired but didn’t want to go down. I carried her upstairs, calmed her down and told her to just lie in bed for fifteen minutes. She said five. I didn’t care because I knew she’d be out in about one, and we didn’t hear from her again until about two hours later.

Amanda and Karen went back out for something or other then stopped to see Renee Tripp to pick up some jewelry.

I played with Milly after she for up. We played with little princesses and Lincoln Logs. Ate a waffle dinner after that then we went upstairs and played until just about bedtime. Amanda let her stay up a little later to watch an episode of Sofia the First.

Amanda played some Just advance then went to watch some and Lifetime movie that they were both laughing at. Michael and Jenn arrived around 10 maybe. They went to Charleston yesterday for Michael’s birthday and just got in, though I think they stopped in Wilmington. They ate something them we played Ticket to Ride Africa. Jenn killed it. Michael came in second, then me, then Amanda. We all had “if only this one little thing!” scenarios for getting second place, but Jenn just absolutely killed it.

There was a big cold front that swept across the eastern US. I think it mainly iced things up in North Carolina, but I haven’t paid that much attention really. Michael said the roads were fine for him. The cars are iced over in the driveway and that’s about it here.

Zach Dotsey