Amanda and I both got up around 9:30. Been a really long time since that’s happened.

Amanda’s grandparents came over. Peggy was playing Just Dance with Milly when Michael, Earl and I left to see Django Unchained. It was playing at 1, the same time the Duke-Maryland game came on. Since I had to get Michael out of the house, and I did want to see Django, I set the DVR to record the game. I really wanted to see how my Blue Devils bounced back after that atrocious game at Miami.

Earl drove us to the new theater in Jacksonville to see the movie. We all liked it. I mean, I saw more of Jamie Foxx then I ever thought I would, but Christoph Waltz was outstanding. As in any Quentin Tarantino movie, the soundtrack was great and the violence was ridiculous and over the top.

For some reason the DVR did not record the game. Fortunately for me I already knew that Duke had won by 20 since I couldn’t help but check the score while watching the movie. I still wanted to watch it anyway to see how everyone did, so I’ll probably check it out on ESPN3 tomorrow night.

I also got texts from Gavin while I was at the movie. He replaced our thermostat and said everything is working fine now with our air conditioning.

We arrived back at Amanda’s parents’ house to find it decorated in a dinosaur theme. Amanda made dinosaur shaped Rice Krispie treats, a bunch of Michael’s old toys and books were put out, along with a lot of old pictures of him. The Frazelles showed up right at 5 and we ate shortly after.

There was a bit of Just Dance going on. It started out with Milly and Barry and ended with Amanda and Hannah. Several of the rest of us watched Carolina at NC State. Carolina got demolished in the first half to the tune of 45-26, but the Heels had some runs in the second and State only won by eight. Still, the Tar Heels lost and Duke won convincingly, so it was a good day.

After a while only Amanda, Milly and I were the remaining guests. We put Milly down after Michael and Jenn left then Amanda, Karen and I watched The Descendants, which was pretty good. Amanda went to bed after that and Karen went a little after. I’m watching The Descent right now. Similar name, totally different movie. Wasn’t sure if I’d make it all the way through, but it’s almost done so I ought to.

Zach Dotsey