There were icicles around here a few days ago, but it warmed up so nicely over the past couple days that we slept with the windows cracked last night.  Milly came into my room today and I asked her if she wanted to go for a nice walk.  She said she didn’t, so I told her maybe I’d go for a walk by myself.  She told me, “Well (she’s been starting a lot of sentences with “Well” since spending the night at Nana and Paw Paw’s Sunday night), you can’t go for a walk by yourself. You have to stay home with your little Millybug.”  It was so precious.  I think that’s the first time she’s ever referred to herself as Millybug.

I did insist that she do something active though.  I told her she could go for a walk, or she could do a little bit of my workout with me, my intention being for her to just do the warmups with me.  She didn’t want to do either, so I ended up explaining to her that she spent too much time eating and watching TV, and that I wanted to give her a healthier lifestyle.  I ended up telling her that she couldn’t watch the TV or the iPad all day unless she did a workout with me.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Hey, you’re her parent.  Maybe you should do something about that lifestyle of hers.”  To which I would respond by telling you that I have to juggle that with running a business and trying to provide for my family.  And, if I start making a little more, we’ll look at putting Milly in part-time daycare, just so she’ll have people to play with, activities to do and give her days a little more structure.

Anyway, it was like pulling teeth, but I did get her to do some of the P90X warmups with me.  Unfortunately, it was Kenpo X today, and the warmup for that is mainly somewhat complex stretching, so I spent most of the time moving her body into the right positions.  Tomorrow should be better.  I plan on doing this every day with her.

Milly did insist I do some of her workout with her after I took my shower, so I got a little extra in.

Amanda had the idea of going on a picnic when she got home from work.  I considered going, but I had a bit to do.  She and Milly went, but it ended up being pretty windy at the park so they didn’t stay long and opted to go to Brilliant Sky after a bit.  I got quite a bit done.

We started a study on My One Word at small group tonight.  I thought it went well.  It was a little odd watching our preacher, Mike, doing a study video though.  It’s not that I’m not used to seeing him on a screen, it’s that his personality comes across much better when he’s not reading from a teleprompter.  No offense, Mike.  The material was still really good.

Duke played Wake Forest at Wake Forest tonight and won 75-70.  Mason Plumlee had a career high 32 points (one rebound shy of yet another double-double) while Seth Curry chipped in 21.

I DVR’ed the game, but after most of the group left Reece turned it on for me, and since it was a very close game I listened to it on the way home and watched the last five minutes or so on my own TV.  From what I saw, Duke was letting Wake get all the layups they wanted, but Mason was playing loose on defense because he had four fouls.  I also didn’t see him get the ball very much, even though he ended up hitting 12 of 15 and shooting 8 of 10 at the free throw line.  He was obviously having his way with the Demon Deacons, but for some reason he wasn’t getting all that many touches late in the game.  Maybe the guards though, “Mason got his, time for me to get mine.”  I don’t know.

Anyway, Wake’s been an ACC bottom dweller for a bit, but they’ve shown some fire at home this season, beating both NC State and Virginia.  After tonight, State is third in the ACC and Virginia is tied with Duke for second.  At first I was a little upset at such a tight game, but then I considered how Wake has played at home against good teams lately and decided an ACC road win is a good win.

Zach Dotsey