Milly worked out with me this morning without me having to coerce her, which was great.  She did a pretty good job with it too.  Of course, by workout, I mean she did the P90X warmup with me.  It was about 11 minutes and she did a great job of sticking to it.

We started a little late because there were a few thing I wanted to take care of first thing this morning, and by the time Milly and I finished, not to mention getting her squared away with breakfast and whatnot, it was a little late, so I didn’t do the full workout.  I did do some pushups with dumbbells, some pullups and Ab Ripper from memory.  I don’t know if not having the video made me work harder or what, but my upper abs were very sore a little after that.

I packed Milly into the Escapes after she had a rest and we met Amanda, Peggy and Earl, Anna and Kirsten at the mall for lunch.  Earl and I talked politics and religion a bit.  He and I are pretty much right in line with each other in those regards.

As I was leaving Milly was dragging Anna off to ride the train with her.  That thing is a racket.  It’s just this little train that someone drives around the mall, but tickets are $3 apiece.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but kids of a certain age or size (or maybe all kids, I don’t know) are required to be accompanied by an adult, but they don’t let the adults ride for free.  So if some kids wants to ride the train and an adult acquiesces to it, they have to pay $6.

I got a lot of work done.  I feel like I’m just moving right along in that regard.  I might even be able to do some work for myself before long.

The Warkentiens came over for dinner, which was enchiladas.  Milly and Eli played fine, but Milly is funny about Ada.  She’s never been totally comfortable with smaller kids, but Ada seems to adore Milly.  Anyway, Milly was just very sensitive every time Adam touched her or wanted to play with her or wanted to play with something of Milly’s.

After the kids went to bed we played Game of Thrones.  I won it in four or five turns with Amanda second and a tie between Nick and Amy.  I tried something a little new this time.  Starting out as the Baratheons I decided to forego expansion early and opted to get a couple extra ships and a siege tower, then I spread the ships south and was able to spread out pretty quickly.

I think in a four player game the secret to not letting the Lannisters or Baratheons win is for the Starks and Greyjoys to not attack each other, as they are wont to do because of where they start out, and instead go for the players down south.  If you keep them tied up they won’t be able to concentrate on moving south into non-player controlled areas.

Catch all that?

Anyway, we introduced Nick and Amy to Quirkle after that, since it’s a quick game.  Nick said he’d played before, actually, so we really just introduced it to Amy, though it’d been so long since Nick had played that he was basically new.  We also found out that we’d been playing it wrong in that you’re not supposed to be able to build infinitely long lines and get huge scores off of them.  We’ll play it right next time.  That game ended almost the same, with me in first, Amanda second, Amy third and Nick last.  It ended up a pretty close game.

Amanda and Amy did a few songs on Just Dance 3 after the games were over.

The series finale of 30 Rock was tonight, but Nick and Amy weren’t current with the show, so we watched the two episodes of The Office that came on tonight.  They’re building up to a thing between Pam and the boom operator, which I find a but annoying more than anything.  My thoughts are that when Pam went off to school they teased at some possible romantic thing with one of the guys there, but never did anything with it and if they do have Pam go into a relationship with Brian the boom operator it’ll cast Pam in a really bad light.  I mean, she did kiss Jim when she was dating Roy.  Anyway, this late in the final season of the show I think it’s just a weird direction to take with the show.

It was pretty late when we finished all that up so Nick and Amy stayed over.  Amy snuggled up with Eli on the guest bed and Nick slept on the couch.  Ada, in case you’re wondering, was in the pack & play set up in the office.

Zach Dotsey