Milly was up around 7:30 this morning.  She wanted Amanda to go into her room to turn off her monkey light (night light) and get some toys.  She was apparently afraid because she saw a head (or maybe hat, but I think she said head) and was scared of it.  We weren’t sure if it was a dream or if she saw a shadow or what.  Anyway, she eventually got over it, played a bit, then got in bed with us.  She wanted me to play Temple Run 2 on the iPhone, but I was snuggling with Amanda.  Milly wedged herself in between us; I guess she really wanted me to play that game.

At some point in all that she went downstairs and saw that Nick was on the couch, which she thought was pretty funny.  She came upstairs and told us that Nick was still here, and so was Amy, and so was Eli and so was Ada (although the last three were conjecture on her part).  After naming everyone, she announced, “The Warkentiens are still here!”

Amanda decided to make pancakes.  I went with Nick to let their dog Max out and to pick up a couple things from the grocery store.  We brought Max back to play with Harvey.

I ended up working through most of breakfast because a website emergency came up.  I took care of it, but it took a little time.

Amanda decided to take Milly to the ‘Quarium, as Milly calls the Aquarium.  I was able to do a good bit of work, though the day flew by.

At some point while I was working, it was before Amanda and Milly left for the Aquarium because Amanda was cleaning some dishes and didn’t really hear what Milly said, but Milly said to her, “Mommy, guess what.  Daddy is getting white hair because he is getting old.”  I shot a bemused look at nobody when I heard that, but then she followed that up a moment later by calling back to me from the living room to say, “Daddy, you are getting white hair so you are not going to live.”  Huh?  Where did she get that from?  Besides, I’ve only got a few white hairs.  I walked out to assure her that I wasn’t going to die anytime soon, though she didn’t sound particularly concerned about my white hair-induced impending death.  I told Amanda what she’d said and Amanda laughed then told Milly that Mommy has more white hair than Daddy; she just colors it.

Amanda had the idea to get some food from Wild Wing Cafe for dinner, so we got a combo with six wings (for her) and six nuggets (for me).  I went out to pick it up.  I felt peaceful driving around tonight.  I don’t always like driving, but I enjoyed it tonight for some reason.

Milly wanted me to play with her when I got back home, so I promise her I would after I ate.  She wanted me to talk for Rapunzel and Bride while she talked for a little seahorse she got today, though she also eventually talked for Tiana and Aurora.  At one point Rapunzel had to rescue all three of them because they were in a boat that was about to go over a waterfall.

Milly wanted to go upstairs to play some more, but I didn’t.  Amanda convinced her to play Just Dance, so the three of us did that.  Milly’s got certain songs she likes chief among them being This is Halloween.  She doesn’t score well, but she’s getting decent at copying the moves on that game.

After she went down Amanda and I watched the finale of 30 Rock, Law & Order SVU and this week’s Big Bang Theory.

30 Rock wasn’t bad, but I expected a bit more from the final episode.  I mean, they wrapped it up nicely and there were a lot of heartfelt lines, but for some reason it just didn’t totally satisfy me.  I loved the show though, thought it was one of the best comedies on TV, and I’ll miss it.

Zach Dotsey