Family spent time playing in bed this morning before getting up.  Amanda made eggs and biscuits.  During breakfast Milly asked me to read (which means tell) her a story about Spider-Man.  When Amanda and I were talking about watching the Duke game later, Milly asked me, “Is Ryan Kelly still injured?”  She’s really latched onto him.  And yes, both of those things made me such a proud papa.

Spent most of the day watching basketball.  Duke beat Florida State by 19.  Would have been more, but the second strong was in for a good chunk of the second half.  Mason Plumlee didn’t play much after getting two early fouls, so for Duke to play like they did at Florida State without Ryan Kelly (who is still injured) and without Mason for so long is pretty impressive.  I hope they can continue to play that way.

Carolina played Virginia Tech prior to that game.  Carolina never lead until towards the very end and it ended up going into overtime.  Of course, the Hokies were spent at that point and the Heels ended up winning by 12.  Since it ran long, I was switching back to it during commercials in the Duke game, but once UNC got up around seven points I decided to not bother anymore.

After Duke played, NC State took on Miami.  I was pulling for the Wolfpack not only because they’re my #2 ACC team, but also because Miami is undefeated in the ACC so far and Duke might drop a couple more in the next stretch, so I wanted Miami to go ahead and get some losses to loosen up the race for the top of the ACC.  It was a clse game pretty much throughout, but State turned the ball over a couple times, missed the front end of a one-and-one and took a bad jumper all in the last minute of the game to end up losing.

Out of the three games I really cared about today, only one finished the way I wanted.  At least it was the one that mattered most to me.

Cyra came over for dinner, which was grilled chicken and potatoes.  We had a hard time getting Milly to eat much of it, but it was good.  After Milly went to bed Amand and Cyra played Just Dance 3.  I went to the back and played some Assassin’s Creed Revelation, which I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet.  I want to do that before started Assassin’s Creed 3, which I think is the next game I’ll play.  Or maybe it’ll be Mass Effect 3.

Cyra’s dog, Gracie, the one who looks a good bit like Bruce, isn’t doing well.  She’s got a very bad hacking cough and heart problems.  Her cough is much worse than Bruce’s was, and I’d be surprised if she lasts another week or so.  Cyra said the vet asid she doesn’t have much time left, but she’s not in pain or anything.

We were going to go to bed pretty soon after Cyra left, but I got a Facebook message from Amanda’s cousin John, who told me Aunt Patsy isn’t doing well and asked if I’d help get word out to the family. Amanda and I wanted some details, since we didn’t know who he wanted us to contact or what was going on with her exactly, so we tried calling him.  Not able to get through with him, Amanda called her mom, who was talking to Aunt Joanne about it.  From what we’ve been able to gather, Patsy has literally not been eating lately.

As I was going to bed I felt a pain in my right chest when I moved my arms or tried to pick things up.  It was really painful.  After thinking about it for a while I think I might have pulled or strained something before putting Milly to bed.  She usually has me do Run in the Air, which is where I pick her up and carry her all through our upstairs as she kicks her feet like she’s running.  Tonight she wanted to fly, so maybe it came from that.  Hurts though.

Zach Dotsey