At 9:30 this morning I took Milly to play with Lauren Nowak at Port City Gymnastics.  They have open gym for $5 in the mornings.  I didn’t stick around long, but they were really having fun when I left, and Sarah said they were funny playing together.  It’s good for both girls.  Sarah has said that Lauren doesn’t have a lot of girls her age to play with, and Milly gets bored stuck in the house all day.

Work was work.  Put out some fires, got some things done.  Amanda and Milly were laying Just Dance this evening, which has become a pretty regular thing.  Milly’s been improving at it.  When I finished working she and I played MarioKart, though she wasn’t really going anywhere.  Then, because Milly wanted to put off going to bed, we all played a game of Candy Land, which I won.  I lucked out and pulled the popsicle early on, but Amanda tried to cheat and give me one of the cards that would have sent me pretty far back.  She lost, which is what she gets for trying to cheat.

Amanda spent the evening watching The Bachelor while I did some work.  I mostly spent my time reading up on things.  It’s good to keep current.

Jon got Patsy to a hospital, and Jon said seeing her sisters, who went to visit, helped lift her spirits.