Milly the Stylist

Milly Cutting HairI told Amanda I wanted a haircut tonight.  While she and Milly were sitting in the living room I told Milly I was going to cut my hair and cut a lock of it off in front of her.  I mean, you couldn’t even tell, but I think it surprised her.  I might have said something to her along the lines of asking if she wanted to cut my hair too, and when Amanda did go to do it Milly wanted in on the action.  I let her have the first cut, which Amanda said was pretty short.  She helped Amanda with a few more cuts.  I told Amanda I didn’t care if she messed it up; I’d just buzz it.  Amanda gets tired of me saying that.

Michael came over to help out with work today.  I had him help me add content to a site.  In all he was here for about six hours and he did a good job.  I didn’t really need the help, but it was definitely useful to me and freed me up to do some other things, plus his hours were a bit short at work.  He came out of it with a pretty good deal: six hours of pay, a Chick-fil-A lunch and an Xbox controller.

Karen was in town to visit an endocrinologist.  She got out just in time to meet up with Amanda and Milly for dance class then treated us, Michael and Jenn to dinner at Cracker Barrel, which was very nice of her.  Milly wanted to go play with the toys in the store part, then she wanted to go outside and play checkers.  I helped her actually play by the rules for the first time.  Not that she totally got it, but she’s starting to.

I got my haircut back home then took a shower downstairs to wash out my hair while Milly took a bath upstairs.  She went to bed not too long after that.  Amanda watched The Bachelor while I sat on the couch and played Hill Climb Racing on my phone.

I’m going to do a first tomorrow.  I’ve been wanting to have a meeting with my biggest client for a while, and I’ve got one set up for tomorrow.  The catch is that I’ll have Milly with me.  I initially said I didn’t think I’d be able to do it because of that, but I was told to bring her along.  I’ll be taking Amanda’s iPad, which has apps and movies for Milly, just in case.

Zach Dotsey