When I got Milly up to go to the bathroom last night she told me she was sick.  I wasn’t sure at the time, but she was right.  She seems to have come down with a little cold.

Kelly-MillyBeen trying to get a meeting with one of my top clients for a bit and this morning was an available time, but of course I was going to have Milly with me.  One of the people there had been wanting to meet her for a while anyway, so I was told to bring her along, and thus Milly had her first meeting today.

Before the meeting we filled up the gas tank and dropped a check off to pay for Milly’s new tooth then headed on over to the meeting.  I made sure to bring Amanda’s iPad since it had movies and games for her and she decided to bring a bag with a few toys in it.

Milly spent the time playing in one room with Kelly, the assistant, while I talked with the bossman.  I really enjoy getting together with them.  They’re both really nice and what they do is a very interesting line of work, so I always hear some fascinating stories.

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to be very vague when talking about clients.  That’s on purpose.

That meeting was done right at 11:30.  I had another meeting scheduled for 1:00, though it ended up being pushed back.  Still, Milly and I went to the Cotton Exchange and walked around there for a bit to waste some time before meeting up with Amanda for lunch.  We walked into a comic shop there and as we were leaving a guy there gave Milly her first comic book, a Yo Gabba Gabba one from Free Comic Book Day.

Actually, there was a Justice League comic that came in a cereal box once, but this one’s a little more legit.  She kept wanting me and Amanda to read it to her, which was cool, but I got tired of it after the second time.  They packed it with a good bit of content.

We ate lunch at Basics, which was slower than I remembered, but man do they make a good burger.  Milly had a side mac & cheese and Amanda had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  I also ordered a piece of Coca Cola cake, which we all devoured.  Amanda wasn’t as impressed with it as I was, but Milly had a good appreciation of it.

Like I said, my next meeting was moved to a different day.  Amanda had a marketing idea to run by Michael and Jenn.  They were around, but they didn’t get to us until we were about done eating, so when we finished Amanda took Milly, who was obviously tired (though behaving herself well considering), home while I went to chat with Michael and Jenn.

I went home after that and worked.  I needed to read three chapters of My One Word, which is the book we’re reading for small group.  I journaled as I read and I finished just as Kirsten got here to watch Milly.

We were just over half full at small group.  The Meyers brought pizza, as they are wont to do, and Ashley brought some chips and dip.  I felt we had a good discussion, though we got a little “2 AM” goofy at one point.

Zach Dotsey