Duke-NC-State-2-7-13Today was a big day for Duke fans as Duke got to exact some revenge against NC State for the loss they suffered a few weeks ago, the first of the season.  The first half was really fun to watch.  Duke was making shots at a ridiculous clip to end the first half up 58-37.

I don’t think Duke made any more threes in the second half after making ten in the first.   The Wolfpack played better too, winning that half 48-40.  I think State got their deficit down to nine points, but Duke ended up winning 98-85.

#1 Indiana lost on a buzzer beater to Illinois this evening.  #2 Florida lost earlier in the week.  #3 Michigan hasn’t, but they face Wisconsin this weekend, and Wisconsin is usually pretty tough at home.  Then Duke is #4.  Honestly, the #1 team only seems to stay there a week right now before dropping a game.  It appears to be a cursed place to be this season, so I’d just as soon Michigan beat Wiscy and let Duke stay at #2, since they’ll be playing Carolina next week.  Duke should beat them pretty handily, but I’m admittedly somewhat superstitious when it comes to basketball.

Michael came over today so I could help work with him on starting to learn a few more things, particularly for Jenn’s site.

I haven’t had a real workout all week.  I’ve had stuff going on every morning.  I have had a pullup bar in the office doorway and I’ll do one or a few just about every time I walk through it.

It was nasty out today.  Rainy and windy.  I think I wore a hood more today than I have in all of several years because I ran out to the bank (and had to go in because I was out of deposit slips) then stopped by Best Buy and Costco to look at printers.

We’ve got a nice printer right now, a Canon i960.  We’ve had it for a good long while and it still works fine, but I can’t get it to communicate with my iMac.  To that end, we want to get that will work with it.  Preferably a network printer.  One that has a scanner too.  Amanda wants to scan all my business bills and receipts for easy storage and tax purposes.

Milly and I were supposed to go to a Chick-fil-A Daddy-Daughter Date Night at 4:30 today, but she wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t think it would be good to take her out, especially with other little kids being there.  I was disappointed, but I think Amanda was even more so.  We were planning on having us both dress up, then I was going to bring her a flower at the door when it was time to go.

Amanda told me that Milly came into our room very early this morning.  She said she wanted her “new” blanket, which is a blanket Amanda got from work, and she climbed into bed, but only to reach some issues near our bed.  Amanda asked if she wanted to get in bed with us, but she said no and went back to bed.

She also told Kirsten tonight that she was “positively definitely sick”.  Apparently she got “positively” from her Nana.

We had a leader’s meeting at church tonight.  The subject was difficult people, and several staff members discussed common questions pertaining to dealing with difficult people.  When they were done they took questions from the audience.  Having experienced something a few months ago, Amand and I discussed how to phrase what we wanted to ask.  I asked it once, then had to clarify because I was trying to be respectably vague.  Hugo Izzo, the People Care pastor, told me he could tell I was trying to tiptoe around my words and appreciated that.  I think I kind of took them all aback with my question though, like they were temporarily stumped by it.  We did get some good answers though.  Hugo came up to me and Amanda to ask us how it was going after that session was done.  He, or maybe it was Sharon King later, told us that we couldn’t see it where we were sitting, but when I asked it other people kind of nodded their heads, like they’d been through it too.

After that we met with the leaders in our pod, including half of one new couple.  We had a very good, helpful discussion there too on a few topics.

Amanda and I got back home just in time for tipoff.  That really was a fun game to watch, at least in the first half.  The refs got a little whistle happy (on both sides) and maybe that was why Duke stopped playing defense.  They also seemed to start playing stall ball way too early, or maybe they just couldn’t get into position to get good shots off until late in the shot clock.  Anyway, if Duke can play like they did in the first and Ryan Kelly has time to reintegrate into the flow of the team by the time the post-season starts, Duke is going to be one really good team.

Zach Dotsey