Milly still sick. Asked her this morning if she wanted to see Mum Mum and Pap or rest today and see them tomorrow. She chose going today, so we decided to go today.

Fielded a few work calls. We stopped by Crabtree Valley Mall on the way to pick up a present for Callie and let Milly spend the money she’ll be getting for Valentine’s Day. She picked out a Naveen doll and a Charlotte doll from Princess and the Frog.

Also stopped by a Target to pick up a gift card for Erin for her birthday/moving away gift. She’s moving to Maryland next week. Both of those are the reason we headed to town.

Got to Rougemont. Looked into some issues with the computer hooked up to the TV. Somehow made it worse as Internet and sound aren’t working quite right. Taught Erin some website stuff. Amanda spent some time on a puzzle. Adam arrived a little after Milly went to bed. Andra and Addie arrived pretty late. Josh has been sick and Jackson has a game tomorrow, so they stayed home.

Zach Dotsey