Lackluster game.  Carolina lead most of it, Duke played awful for the first three-quarters of the game or so and won by five, though to be fair the last points scored by Carolina were as the clock was running out on an uncontested dunk.  Still, a bad win over a down Carolina team is better than a loss to a bad Carolina team.

Had a rough afternoon.  Amanda came home early, sick.  I had a meeting, which was fine, but after that it kind of went downhill.  Milly wanted to play, but I had a ton of work, plus I had to fix enchiladas.  We were supposed to take some dinner to Paul Klouse and his family (they just had a baby), but Amanda wasn’t up to fixing it, so I did it.  First time making enchiladas with the stress of Milly wanting to play.  That wasn’t so bad.

What was bad was that I had to add on the stress of some server issues.  My server was down because there were some viruses on some accounts that were taking up all my resources.  My server admins were handling it, and I’ve got to say they went above and beyond, but I still had texts from people about their sites being down.  There wasn’t anything I could really do, and here I was fumbling through prepping food.

On top of that, I hadn’t read for small group yet, and it was looking like I wouldn’t have time to do it.  Then Reece called and wanted to push small group back half an hour, which wasn’t a huge deal, but I really wanted to be home as close to 9:00 as possible.

However, since Amanda was sick and was literally on the couch all day, and actually in bed from about 4:00 or so on, she suggested to me that I call out of small group this evening.  We had already told Kirsten not to come because Amanda would be staying home, but we thought she’d be able to watch Milly.  She really wasn’t able to.  Like I said, she was in bed from about 4:00 on, and sleeping for most of that time, so I kind of had to watch Milly.  My biggest drawback, that is, the main reason I didn’t want to do that though, was that I didn’t want people to think I was skipping small group to watch the game.  I explained it to Reece and he understood.

My day picked up when Milly and I went to take the enchiladas to the Klouses.  Milly and I chatted away, though I can’t even really remember what about other than the fact that we had a fun conversation.  Paul’s road, coming from one direction, was dirt and had some giant water-filled potholes, so I was glad I took the Escape.  At one point Milly said we were driving through a pond, and I don’t think she was far off.

We didn’t stay long, just dropped off the food, chatted a bit and had a look at “Small Paul”.  He was pretty close to the size Milly was when she was born.

Back home I played with Milly, got her ready for bed and all that then watched Miami and Florida State.  The Seminoles stuck with Miami for a while, but they couldn’t pull off the upset.  Miami is clearly the best team in the ACC right now.

That went off and I watched the Duke game.  Amanda put it on upstairs and I went to talk to her about it at the half, but she was asleep.  She was awake for the final few minutes of it though.

Duke is undefeated when Amanda watches a game while sick in bed, though they’re all uncomfortably close games.  The first was Duke vs. Virginia Tech a few years ago when Duke won on a half court shot by Sean Dockery.  The second was the 2010 national championship game that Duke won against Butler.  The third was tonight.

I bought a camera for work today, a Canon 4Ti.  I’ve been considering it, and I was able to get it for $200 off the usual price from Best Buy, as that was their online price and they matched it.  I got it mainly for the video capability, as I’m offering some video services now.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with it yet, but I look forward to doing that.

Zach Dotsey