I fell asleep on the couch last night, and when I went upstairs at, I don’t know, 3:30 maybe, Amanda told me as I was getting into bed that Milly was there.  She later told me that Milly had come into the room and Amanda didn’t have the energy or will to make her get back in her bed, so she let her stay.  To Milly’s credit, she was really good.  She didn’t kick and squirm, and she was really sweet in the morning.  She snuggled with me and gave me lots of kisses.

Amanda didn’t go into work again today.  She slept in a bit.  When Milly and I got up and went downstairs I explained what Valentine’s Day is and told her we should make a Valentine’s Day card.  I was going to have her do one for Amanda, but when I asked Milly who her Valentine was, she said Eli, so I had her make a card for both of them.  I taught Milly how to draw a heart and told her what letters to put and where to start words, and she drew a heart and some smiley faces on the front of both cards then wrote “To Eli/Mommy From Milly”.  I was honestly very impressed with her writing.  I didn’t have to coach her on any of her letters except to tell her to put a horizontal line at the bottom of her I’s, since she decided to cross the top of them.

We snuck upstairs and put the card for Amanda in front of the clock so she’d see it when she woke up, then we made a surprise trip to the Warkentiens’ to give Eli his.  They invited us to have some heart-shaped cinnamon rolls with them and gave us a the half of one that was left over to give to Amanda.  On the way home we stopped to pick up some orange juice and some McDonald’s biscuits.

I stayed plenty busy with work.  The server was mostly fine today, although the problem has been found to be with the email, so that was on and (mostly) off today.  That’s a problem.  I was just having a conversation with one of the server admins and he says it looks like they might have to set up a new VPS and have download all the databases, set each site up again then upload the databases.  This is not a prospect I look forward to.

After a nap and some time to get over being cranky, Milly went back over to play with Eli.  I picked her up around 5:30 and came home with heart-shaped cookies that Milly helped put icing on.  I made chicken and rice for us and thought I overcooked the chicken, but Amanda said aside from needing more salt on the rice, it turned out to taste pretty good.

I gave Milly a bath around 7:30 then put her to bed.  Amanda and I caught up on some shows then she went to bed a little after 10 and that was pretty much our Valentine’s Day together.  I watched a documentary on the bones of King Richard III that were found under a parking lot, which was, to me, pretty fascinating.  Then I watched the first episode of Arrow finally.  I thought it had a strong opening sequence and the rest was okay.  I’ll at least check out a few more episodes, though I’m not expecting it to be on par with the best TV has to offer these days.

Amanda pointed ou tot me that 10 years ago today I gave Bruce to her as a Valentine’s Day present.  I remember sitting on her couch in her apartment waiting for her to walk in the door, and when she did his little head popped up over the arm rest.  That’s how Amanda met Bruce ten years ago today.

Zach Dotsey