Milly and I met Amanda for lunch.  Went by Staples after and picked up my new office chair and a printer.  This is the first time I’ve had a new office chair.  The others have been hand-me-downs.  Milly really liked the chair too.  She kept wanting me to sit in one of the old ones so she could spin in the new one.

Milly saw Petco when we went into Staples and said something about wanting to get a new pet.  I asked her if she wanted a bird or a chinchilla, but she reasonably said she wanted a fish.  We ended up getting her two bettas and a little divided tank.  At first she named theme Groovy and… I forget what she named the girl, but then she changed it to Aladdin and Jasmine.  I miss her creative names.  Curse you, Disney!

Amanda and Milly went to dance class where Amanda said Milly was not very good.  She wasn’t listening to Miss Michelle and goofed off with another of the little girls.

Milly dropped Amanda’s iPad and cracked the screen.  Amanda put the old cover on it because it’s thick rubber and protects better.  With that one you can’t even see the crack.

Milly got a scratch on her leg so Amanda put a Band-Aid on it.  Milly kept talking about it hurting and started limping around.  It was obviously not hurt badly at all, so it was kind of funny.  I explained to her what a limp is.

Had small group at the Meyers’ because the Johnsons were presenting their mission to Polly and Dave Clawson’s group, but they ended up coming by after.  Everyone ended up being there but Jared, who was working, and the Sawyers, whose kids were sick.

Zach Dotsey