Nick and Tristen gave me a couple Cuties, you know, those small oranges, last night.  I wasn’t ready to eat them when I got home, so I put them on the table and figured I’d have them later.

This morning Milly told me she wanted to make lemonade.  I told her we don’t have anything to make lemonade, so she brought me the two tiny oranges.  I explained that those weren’t lemons, but we juiced them anyway.  Of course we didn’t get much out of them, so we decided to go to the store.  We loaded up on fruits and a few vegetables and spent the next little while making about 3/4 a gallon of what I’ve decided to call Frankenstein juice.  Milly didn’t want to try any of it, but I thought it was decent.  It’s a little strong on lemons and you can taste the orange peel, but it’s really not bad.

Felt like I had a good, productive day.  Went to shoot a testimonial video for a client later in the afternoon, which I thought went really well.  I was afraid the light wouldn’t be very good, but it ended up being just fine.  My other fear was the sound, since I don’t have a microphone for my camera just yet.  It definitely had a “room” sound, but I think I can mask that a little with background music, which I was planning to do anyway.

I did order a lighting kit.  Mom and Dad let me use their Amazon account to order whatever, so I got that and a pack of spare batteries for the camera.  It was a little over my limit, so I set up a check to send to them.

Gavin called and said Maddox wanted to see Milly and that they were going to eat at Cracker Barrel, so we joined them for that.  Gavin gave a pretty funny running commentary on two guys who walked in wearing cowboy hats.

Amanda and Milly rode back with them while I headed to The Husk, a bar downtown where Steve Bon was throwing a guys’ night out, a kind of informal networking thing.  I never get out and I never network, so I thought it would be fun.  I had a couple beers, talked to a few people, had a nice time.

Duke played at Virginia Tech at 9 and I left The Husk a few minutes before.  There was, I saw, a Cincinnati-UConn game that went into overtime (which UConn ended up winning, booo!), so I texted Amanda, who was recording the game for me in case I got back late, to let her know she’d need to record ESPN News instead, since that’s where they put games that aren’t shown because of other games going over.

Well she had this elaborate thing set up where she was recording both and was getting it ready for me to watch from the beginning, but something happened to all that so I just watched it from where it was, which was just a few minutes in anyway.  I appreciated her effort though.

Duke ended up rolling.  They were up 20 at the half after hitting 10-10 free throws and 8-9 three pointers.  They ended up winning by 32.  Now, the Hokies are at the bottom of the ACC and they’ve lost nine straight, but to their credit, they took NC State to overtime and their losses to Miami and Carolina were by single digits.  I know Duke will not likely hit threes at the clip they did tonight in any other games this season, but they played great on both ends, so I just want to see that effort and focus the rest of the way.

Props to Josh Hairston, by the way.  I never bashed him, but I used to always cringe any time he’d take a shot.  The last couple games though, he’s actually hit some good shots.  He’s looking like a totally different player.

Zach Dotsey