Rained pretty much all day.

Milly got back into Sims last night and spent some time playing it today.

Told Milly if she didn’t listen well at dance class she’d go in the corner when she got home.  Amanda said she was good.  They also got to try on their recital outfits.  Amanda said as soon as all the girls put them on they really became dancers.


Had a video shoot meeting this evening downtown.  Didn’t pan out because the client forgot.  I rescheduled their client, whom I was going to be shooting.  Took a scenic route home to look at some of the swampland around Wilmington.

Amanda, Milly and I played Just Dance for a few songs.  Milly quit after she got bopped in the head by getting too close to Amanda.

I drew pictures of Beast, Belle and Mike Wazowski that she colored in.

Indiana and Florida both got beat tonight, meaning Gonzaga might end up ranked #1 next week, although Duke might leapfrog them if they win their two games this week.  Both are tough: at Virginia then Miami at Cameron.  I feel more confident about the Miami game, despite the stomping Duke got when they visited Miami, because Duke seems to be playing better and Miami has been winning a lot of close games by slim margins (until their loss to Wake Forest the other day).  College basketball is crazy this season.  There are a number of teams on an upper level, but no clearly dominant teams.  Hopefully Duke will get Ryan Kelly back soon and will become one.

After Amanda went to bed I watched Justice League: Doom on Netflix.

Zach Dotsey