I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying this, but as of tomorrow night Milly will have gone one week without me getting her up at midnight without wetting the bed.  She seems to have great control over it now, which is awesome.

Feeling really good about things right now with work.  I’ve got two meetings set up for work Friday morning.  One is to make a final decision I need made by a client to get their site done, the other is for a good bit of future work and possibly some additional recurring services.  Then I’ve got to stop by another client’s office to drop off one resource of theirs and pick up another.  That one’s really neither here nor there.

The big thing I’m excited about though is that I think I’m about to get another client on my all-encompassing online retainer service.  I really need to come up with a name for it.  I’m really trying not to get too excited about it because it hasn’t happened yet.  Counting chickens before they hatch and all that you know.  But I feel good about it, and if I do get it, it’ll defray my recently increased costs, justify getting an office and get me one step closer towards getting an employee.

As for the office thing I just mentioned, I’ve had it in my head to look into getting an office for a bit.  It’ll be good to have a place to meet clients, not to mention getting out of the house and being able to concentrate a bit more.  I’m in talks with a few other guys regarding it.  I’ve got a couple places I’m looking into and have meetings set up on Tuesday to look at some.  I’m not sure that I’m ready to bite yet, but if things go as well as I feel they’re going, I’ll be okay doing it.

Had small group tonight.  It was a social/talk about the next study night.  We discussed just doing studies on the messages from church each week, but a couple people wanted to do a book of the Bible.  I texted Nick W. and asked him what the next series was, and he said it was on reading the Bible.  Problem solved!  So we spent the rest of the night talking about myriad topics.

Amanda made two dishes of enchiladas for dinner.  I think the Meyers brought chips and salsa.  Tristen brought me some green juice to try, which wasn’t bad.

Kirsten said Milly stayed in the bath most of the time she was watching her, which is where she was when we left the house.

Amanda and Milly went to Target earlier and Amanda saw that Just Dance games were buy one get one free, so she bought Just Dance 4 and a version for kids.  She did a few dances before heading off to bed.  She debated about it for a bit, but I told her she wanted to do it, so just go ahead and do it.

Ryan Kelly practiced with the other Blue Devils today.  Rumor has it that he won’t play against Virginia tomorrow and he might not play against Miami on Saturday, but the hope is that he’ll be ready for senior night next week and will be good to go against Carolina in the regular season finale next weekend.  This basketball season seems to have gone by so fast.

Zach Dotsey