Milly was a ball of energy this morning, which was mostly fine, but made it a little hard to get much done.  She did some cute things though.  At one point she walked into the office, telling me, “I really really really just love you, but,” and here she paused, sat down and lifted up her leg to show me that, “I have a red bump on my leg.”  Huh?  Then she went on to tell me about how she thought a spider bit her.

Anyway, we had somewhat of a fun morning.  She spent some time playing her Disney Just Dance, which was frustrating for me because she didn’t like the shuffle mode that continuously played songs since she didn’t get to pick them, and it took her a bit to remember how to do the controller.  She got it eventually though and stopped calling me in every three minutes or so.

As energetic as she was, Milly wanted to take her rest at 10:00, an hour before she usually does.  She took another one later to get out of going to the store with Amanda.  To her credit, she was down an hour or more both times.

Amanda helped me with some work by writing an article for a blog for one of my clients today.  I’d like to get her to start doing more stuff like that.

We spenta  portion of the evening playing Just Dance games.  It’s fun until Milly decides a dance is too hard.  We try to encourage her by telling her that if she keeps at it she’ll get better.  That doesn’t always work.  Sometimes I think she says things like that just to have an excuse to stop.  So, how do you instill a can-do, no quit attitude in a three year old?

Duke lost to Virginia tonight.  I knew it would be a tough game because Virginia has only one loss on the season at home and they’re a good defensive team.  I wasn’t so much bothered by the fact that Duke lost as I was that they started cold again, even missing some good looks, and the D wasn’t very good.

In the first half Duke got down nine or so then fought back to within one, but then they could never pull ahead and ended up going into the half down five, which was also the final margin.  They made a hell of an effort at the end, which made me and Amanda wonder why they couldn’t play like that the whole time.

I’m also not one to blame the refs all that much, but Coach K was incensed at the officiating in the game.

Three more games left in the season.  Two, Miami and Carolina, could be losses.  I mean, Virginia Tech could too, but Duke plays much better at home and the Hokies aren’t that good this year.  Miami’s not played as well lately, so I feel alright about that game, but Carolina’s been playing better and the game will be at the Dean Dome, so I’m not feeling as good about that one.

Carolina’s only tough game left besides Duke is at Maryland.  I just have this feeling that Maryland won’t get up for them like they did Duke and Carolina will win comfortably.  Of course, I’ll be irritated with them winning at all.  They they both win out and UNC beats Duke, they’ll have the same ACC record as Duke, though I think Duke would get the tiebreaker since that means the Blue Devils would have a better record against the top team in the league, Miami.

So much basketball drama.

Zach Dotsey