Good bit of work early.  Meeting (no-show, second this week), dropped off one data CD and picked up another, phone meeting that I took while in Port City Java.  Michael wrote bad things about Duke on the steamer cup I had.  Saw Anna and waved to her, but I was on the phone at the time.

Decided to check out office spaces.  One at Cotton Exchange, one on 4th street.  Cotton Exchange is a nice location, but it was kind of in the bowels of the building, no light or anything, and it wouldn’t likely fit enough people.  Really liked the one on 4th though.  Standalone building, good space, fenced-in yard in the back.  Just looked at it from the outside.


Amanda cleaned house really nice.  Helped her rearrange living room, moved couch to the wall with the window to open up space.  Borrowed chairs and card table from Bonnie and Dave.

Did some work.  Milly went to play with Maddox to get her out of the house for a bit.  Gavin later showed me that he put Milly in a Virginia shirt and took a picture.  Low!

Helped Amanda set up some.  There was a night of worship at the church (not known about until after we’d made our plans for the party already), so Nick and Amy dropped off Ada and Eli.  Monique went, but Simon was there with Rosa and Emil.  Reece and Stephanie came with Jacob and Emma.  David and Jennifer came with Isaac, who was all about some Milly, and Airlie.  Griffins were first ones there with Maddox.  All kids played upstairs for a bit then wanted to come downstairs.  It was all madness.  We had a blowup mattress in the office and I had set it up against a desk and wall to get it out of the way, but then the kids, particularly the boys, kept throwing themselves into it and bouncing off of it.  Whatever, it kept them entertained.  Nick, Tristen, Jared and Ashley and Cyra were there too.

Finally got all the kids in beds around 8:30?  Probably later.  Warkentiens were in the guest room, Johnsons were in our room, Emil was in the guest room I think.  Milly’s room ended up being her, Rosa, Isaac and Maddox.  At first all but Maddox were in her little cardboard house, then the girls moved to Milly’s bed and kept complaining about the boys making noise.  We gave it a try for a while.

Most people played Apples to Apples then Just Dance.  Reece, Nick Warkentien, Tristen and I played Game of Thrones.  I won.  Nick and I allied and I ended up sweeping down through Reece, who started out well.

About half the people were gone by the time we finished our game, but as guys, Nick, Nick, Reece and I, did a dance on the Wii for the ladies’ entertainment.

Went to bed very late.

Zach Dotsey