I can’t remember the last time I felt as tired as I did today.

dakota-opening-presentsWe got up and went to Dakota’s birthday party, on the right day this time.  Had a good time with that.  We were going to meet up with the Griffens after that and go to the Aquarium, but they had the sense to sleep in a bit.  We had already talked to Milly about it though, and she was excited to do it, so we didn’t want to cancel.

After Dakota’s birthday party almost all of the kids went (with their parents) to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, then we met the Warkentiens at the aquarium.  I had to make a pit stop, so I missed a little bit of time inside.  I don’t think we were there really all that long, but we were all so tired when we left.


Milly napped on the way home and did the same when we got home.  I napped too, in the guest room.

It was almost time for Duke’s rematch against Miami when I got up.  Milly was watching some movie on Netflix, so I convinced her to watch it on the iPad so I could have the TV.  The story of the game was the return of Ryan Kelly, who had been out the past seven weeks with a foot injury.  I think most people thought he’d come off the bench, play ten or fifteen minutes, get ten points or so and rest a bit.

No, that’s not what happened.

Ryan-Kellys-ReturnWhat happened instead was that Ryan Kelly started, played most of the game and scored 36 points, beating his career high by twelve points.  He even hit seven of nine three pointers.  Duke won 79-76 over the team that beat them by 27 last time they met.  It really shouldn’t have been as close as that, even.  Duke was up ten with a minute and a half to go then decided to do stupid things like catch a ball out of bounds or throw it downcourt out of bounds.  Miami made a nice run at the end and had a chance to tie it up with two three point attempts in the last few seconds, but Duke held on to win, and Ryan Kelly was a huge part of that.

Now, if the rest of the players can play like they’re supposed to, Duke, with Ryan Kelly back, is going to be one of the favorites to win the championship.  They might not do it, but they’ll be among the top few teams.

We actually missed some of the action at the end.  Milly wanted something, I forget what, and when we wouldn’t give it to her she kicked the ottoman, knocking over some milk.  That milk spilled all down the inside of the ottoman, which has a top that flips around to be a tray, so we were trying to watch the game while cleaning milk out of a container and all the things in it.

After Milly went to bed I finally took apart the DVD player upstairs.  It hasn’t been able to open in a while because, as we correctly guessed, a DVD was jammed in it.  I fixed it and it works fine now.  Amanda and I went to bed watching Finding Neverland.  She didn’t make it all the way through, but I did, and I thought it was pretty good, though I’d probably have liked it better if I could have heard the dialogue better.  That’s not on them- it’s on us for planning to watch it while we fell asleep.  It’s something we used to do all the time.

Oh, Milly had her first slip up last night since we stopped getting her up at midnight.  I can’t really fault her though.  She had so much going on and all the kids had cupcakes and juice boxes not too long before they went to bed.  Granted, she went to the bathroom a couple times after going to bed, but I guess it was still a bit too much for her.

Zach Dotsey