Did our traditional Sunday thing- church, Atlanta Brad, Barnes & Noble.  Anna sat with us.  Barry and Kirsten were looking at colleges this weekend.  Sounds like she really likes Asheville.

AT B&N, we were about to go when this one very outgoing and friendly boy started talking to Milly about trains.  They hit it off, so we stayed a bit longer.

Back home, Milly and I both took naps.  I took the chairs and card table we borrowed from Bonnie and Dave back across the street to their house and ended up talking to Dave for a bit.  The Griffens came over and Gavin joined me and Dave before we headed off to Islands for tacos.  The ladies drove the kids, Gavin and I took the Jetta and stopped to fill up the gas so Amanda wouldn’t have to do it on the way to work tomorrow.

The kids were a bit rambunctious.  Not bad, but they were a little wild and wouldn’t listen.

Milly told us a few times today that she wanted to get a kitten.  We told her we already had Cobb, and he doesn’t really like other cats.  She said we could sell him and get a kitten.  I pointed out that the kitten would grow up to be a cat like Cobb, and she said we could sell that one and get a kitten too.  Cold.  I asked if she wanted to sell Harvey to get a puppy and she almost cried.  Funny because Cobb likes her a lot more now then he used to.  Amanda even said Milly was saying that once while absent mindedly petting Cobb.

Amanda talked to Jessica Lambeth for a bit tonight.  They’re moving into a new house, but Jessica broke her foot.

We watched The Walking Dead, which I thought was the best episode in a while.  Definitely a derivation from the comic book though.  Amanda went to bed after that and I watched two new History Channel shows: Viking and The Bible.  I got through all of the first and about half of the latter.  It’s a long show, though pretty well done.  They did skip most of the story of Isaac, which was a shame because I think the story of Isaac and his son Joseph is a great one.  They also skipped out on some uncomfortable details in the story of Lot.

Zach Dotsey