Milly got up as soon as Amanda closed the front door leaving for work.  She got in bed with me and gave me a kiss to wake me up.  I was already awake, but I like seeing what she’ll do when she thinks I’m asleep.  Amanda told her last night to tell me happy birthday when she saw me, but she didn’t remember until I told her it was a special day for me.  We called my dad to tell him happy birthday too.  I may be turning 35, but he’s 57.

I don’t feel 35.  I hardly feel grown up.

milly-7-pony-tailsMilly told me she wanted ten pony tails today.  I gave her as many as I could, but it was only seven.  She was satisfied with that though.

Karen usually comes to watch Milly on Mondays, but her van wasn’t running properly, which she told us yesterday, so we’d made arrangements for Milly to go play with the Warkentiens.  We left the house at a little after 9:00 and stopped to pick up some biscuits. I got a sausage, egg and cheese, Milly got a cheese biscuit and I picked up an egg and cheese for Eli.  Amy said she didn’t want one.  For some reason it took the people at Burger King FOREVER to get the order to me.  I don’t know how long I was waiting at the drive through.

Nick was just leaving for work when I got to the Warkentien house.  Ada was very excited to see me, which isn’t usually the case.  Milly, Eli and I ate our biscuits.  I chatted with Amy for a few minutes then took off.

I went back at 1:00 to pick Milly up, but she said she wasn’t ready.  Amy said she was about to put her kids down for a nap and she’d be fine with Milly doing the same, so we did that.  Probably turned out for the best, because I was meeting Evan Vetter to check out an office space his wife forwarded him today.  I had to go pick up the key from the realtor, then drive back to the office and met him there.

I think we both liked the place.  We talked to the owners, who were downstairs, for a while.  They might be interested in doing some business, regardless of whether we all move in upstairs or not.

I had to drop off the key and swung by the vet to get Harvey’s monthly medicine (just a heartworm, flea and tick pill), so it was after 4:00 by the time I picked up Milly and we got home.  We did stop by the grocery store, where I picked up some more fruits and veggies to juice, and I was on the phone for a while when I pulled into Nick and Amy’s driveway.  It was a lead I’d been working on for a bit, and it paid off, hopefully for the long term.

milly-kissing-me-on-my-35th-birthdayAmanda got home a little after we did, and we went back out the door pretty soon to go eat at Outback for my birthday.  I spoiled myself and got an Alice Springs chicken with cheese fries and finished it off with a sample sized Chocolate Thunder from Down Under, which Amanda, Milly and I shared.

Milly had this little rubber circle thing with a flower on it which went from being a phone this morning to pixie dust tonight, and every time someone would walk by, be they patron or wait staff, she would reach for it then act like she was throwing something at them, and it was always pixie dust.  Really, every person.  It was adorable.

Milly wanted to help me juice when we got home, but I had to take care of some business and when I was done with that there wasn’t much time for it, so I joined Milly on the couch and watched some TV to wind down the evening.

When we went to bed and Amanda asked who she wanted to lay down with her, Milly chose Amanda, which isn’t something she often does.  Amanda started to ask about choosing me since it was my birthday, but I said it was okay.  I was happy for Amanda that she’d picked her.  Milly also said I could go downstairs and watch D-, she caught herself, -basketball game.  I think she thought there might be a game on, but then she must have known Duke wasn’t playing, maybe because I hadn’t mentioned it to her or maybe because I wasn’t wearing a Duke shirt.  Either way, I thought it was sweet, so when I went downstairs I looked for a game just for the heck of it.  There wan’t really anything on that I wanted to watch though.

Amanda came down a few minutes later and we finished watched a Law & Order SVU that we started yesterday, then whatever, then I called my mom and Andra back, both of whom had called me.  Adam called during SVU.  Got texts from Phil and Karen, lots and lots of Facebook messages.  I talked a little with Michael, too.  He set up some stuff on my Playstation account to get me some games.  Once I finish this, I’m going to go check it out.

Duke is #3 in the AP poll, #4 in the coaches poll.  Last week they were #3 in both.  Gonzaga is #1 for the frist time in school history.  People will point out that they have an inflated record from playing in a weak conference, but I have no beed with the Bulldogs and am happy that their fans get to celebrate something like that.

Zach Dotsey