Milly came down from her bath tonight and sat in my lap.  She looked at the TV and said excitedly, “It’s Ryan Kelly!”  I was watching Duke vs. Virginia Tech on Duke’s senior night.  “Ry-an Kell-y!” she chanted with a clap-clap-clapclapclap when he made a good play.  I don’t know why she latched onto him a couple months ago, but Milly seems to love some Ryan Kelly.

“Get the ball!” she urged them.  “Oh no,” she said when the Hokies made a bucket.  And “Not again!” when they showed a replay of Quinn Cook getting knocked to the floor off a hard illegal screen.

“That’s the Wolfpack,” she explained as Virginia Tech was guarding an inbound pass.  “No,” I corrected her.  “Those are the Hokies.  They wear orange.  The Wolfpack wear red.”  Amanda also explained that we like the Wolfpack better than we like the Hokies.

I loved it, and I love the fact that Milly seems to be taking a real interest in basketball.  I feel like it’s something we’ll be able to share for years to come.

Duke started slow and Virginia Tech, who is at the bottom of the ACC, lead a good chunk of the first half.  Duke woke up and lead by three at the half then really turned it on in the second to put up a final tally of 85-57.

Milly went to bed at the half.

Milly had a bit of a rough night last night.  I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to Amanda calling me from upstairs.  Milly had thrown up, but fortunately she go to the toilet in time.  The poor thing was pale and shaking, but seemed otherwise okay.  We cleaned her up a little then put her back to bed, but she threw up again a little while later, this time in a large white bowl we put by her bed.

At some point in the early morning she climbed into bed with me and Amanda, along with a couple stuffed animals and blankets.  She was a bit much to take, so Amanda suggested sleeping on the couch, so I took her downstairs and put her on the love seat while I stretched out on the couch.  I turned on our color-changing iPod dock for a light for her.  She only said one other thing, which was a complaint about the light going off.  I turned it back on and slept until the morning.

I texted Amy to let her know about Milly, since Milly had been over there all day yesterday. She told me Eli and Ada were fine, but she texted me again later in the afternoon to say that Eli had gotten sick too.  They were both fine later though.  Milly went to dance class and Amanda said she did really well.

Milly and I did some juicing today.  It included strawberries, carrots, a cucumber, blackberries, a couple lemons and a whole bag of apples.  It’s actually really good, if I do say so myself.  I ought to have put more vegetables in it though, just to have them in there.  Milly trie the pure apple juice, which I love, but she said she didn’t like it.  At least she tried it and didn’t spit it out.

I went to look at another office today, a standalone building.  I really like it and if I were getting an office for just myself, and I could afford to do it, I’d probably go for it.  The one I looked at yesterday is a really good price though, and with multiple people going in on it, and it having sectioned-out offices in it already, it’s a tough one to pass up.  Hopefully all of us can discuss it and make a decision soon.

I had a meeting after that, though it didn’t take very long.

I was very busy with work today, and in fact didn’t get everything done that I wanted to get done.  Mainly I’ve got a couple billing things and a video I want to finish up.

I just read that Ohio State beat Indiana tonight at Indiana.  Indiana is one of the few teams, along with Duke, that are at the top of college basketball this season, but like the rest they haven’t shown to be a clear-cut favorite.

Zach Dotsey