Busy day at work.  Finished up a video project (though that just happened), got some things done, got paid for a project I basically finished a while back, which is helpful.

Office probably isn’t happening right now, though I feel like I’m going to need one pretty soon.  Good things are happening.  If it keeps up like it is, I’ll need at least one intern or employee before too long.

Milly spent a lot of the morning playing Just Dance games or dancing in the office.  Started out with her umbrella dancing to the song Umbrella.

Amanda wasn’t feeling well today.  Runny nose and no energy, but not feeling sick, she said.  She did stop to apply for a passport today though.  Looks like we might be heading out of the country in the not-too-distant future.

Small group was called off.  A few couple out of town, some sick.  Would have just ended up being us and the Hausers and they said they were going to be late anyway, so we just decided not to have it tonight.

Carolina beat Maryland, which I figured would happen but was hoping it wouldn’t.  Georgia Tech stunned Miami at home.  Georgetown also lost.  Both of those help Duke in the quest for a one seed in the NCAA tournament, which is coming up soon.

Zach Dotsey