Stayed plenty busy today.  Amanda cleaned up all day, particularly because she wanted to make sure Christian, who is allergic to cats, didn’t have any kind of reaction.  Amanda’s extended family was coming over tonight.

Didn’t matter though because he was sick.  I actually saw him when we went to look at the building on 4th street, then went back to his office to talk.  Don’t know if it’ll work out, but I think it would be a great space for them.

He was a bit behind, so I talked to the owner for a good long while.

Picked up a new big client today.  Very excited.  Very.

Peggy and Earl got here around 5.  Karen and Phil, Kirsten, Michael, Hannah then Anna and Barry with Brent, who will be staying with them for a few years, arrived.  Milly was super excited to see everyone.  Jenn came after she got off work.

We had grilled chicken with cheese and pineapple, salad, cake, cupcakes.  Celebrating my birthday and Karen’s, since hers hadn’t been celebrated yet.  Karen gave me a bunch of money and the Frazelles got me some really nice trunks.

Zach Dotsey