I was supposed to run a camera at church today, but I called Nick yesterday afternoon and told him I didn’t know if I’d make it.  Since I was already a fill-in and they didn’t have anyone else, I told him I’d get up at the regular time and see how I felt.  So I did.  Then after giving myself a few minutes to wake up and all, I texted him and told him I wouldn’t be making it.

We did lose an hour of sleep to daylight saving time, but I got a good six or so hours of sleep, which is pretty normal for me, so that didn’t factor into it.

We actually ended up not even going to church today.  I had a runny nose and sore throat, Milly was a bit snotty, so we stuck around the house for the most part.  Milly and I did walk (and scooter) up to the store  to get some milk and yogurt, but that was it.

Amanda wanted to free up some space on her iPad, so she made a deal with Milly that she’d delete a few games and get her some fairy game with Tinker Bell where you make clothes for other fairies.  It was free and Milly loves fairies.  They played that for a good bit this morning while I read message boards in continued celebration of Duke’s dominating win over Carolina.  People are saying that Duke looks like the best team right now, though they probably won’t get moved ahead of Gonzaga, who has a better record (but plays in a weak conference).

I played a Walking Dead video game, also downloaded via PlayStation Plus, that Michael suggested and queued up for me.  it’s like Heavy Rain in that you mostly walk around and make decisions, more like watching a movie than playing a game, but there are a few action parts to it.  The only thing that bugged me about it was that you start off in a police car heading out of Atlanta, and after a crash zombies are suddenly everywhere.  You’d have thought a week or more had gone by since the zombie outbreak.  Outside of that, I’ve been enjoying it.

I tuned it off when Milly got up, of course.  Aside from the violence, the language is a bit over the top.  I don’t mind cussing and all, but it got a little ridiculous at one point.  I checked to see if there was an option to turn that off, but there wasn’t.

Amanda was going to make potatoes, green beans and baked beans for dinner, but when she fixed the potatoes a bunch of black spots appeared, so she tossed them.  She did want to play with some garlic because she got some garlic tool yesterday that she’s all excited about, so she put some on the green beans and on some toast.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched the return of Grimm, which I thought was pretty decent, then watched The Walking Dead, which featured a meeting between Rick and the Governor and a buildup to the war they’re about to have.

Zach Dotsey