I went to the bank today then decided to stop by Best Buy.  As part of one of the services I provide to high end clients, I use an iPad specifically for their individual account.  Now, that may seem excessive, but it actually makes things a lot easier because a big part of it is social networking, and while Hootsuite is great for managing several accounts, it’s can’t do everything, and for the ones it can’t do it would be a pain to have to constantly log in and out of accounts to manage them.  So each one gets an iPad with all the necessary apps set up and logged in for them.

Anyway, I was going to get another regular iPad, but I decided to try out an iPad Mini.  I was disdainful of them when I first heard about them, but honestly, after I got it unpackaged and everything, I really loved the size of it.  It’s just small enough that I can palm it and while everything is a little smaller on it, it’s still big enough to easily read.

I also picked up a new TV.

High roller, right?  Well, here’s the deal with the TV.  I’ve been wanting to get a new TV for the office for a while, something smaller than the behemoth we’ve got in there right now.  So I was looking around and saw a 40″ 1080 LCD TV for a really good price.  I found the tag for it anyway, but there wasn’t a TV around it, so I asked a sales associate.  They were in the aisle because they were on sale this week, but here’s the awesome thing- the tag I found was from a sale from three weeks ago that they’d forgotten to take down and it was $50 or so cheaper than the current sale.  It was in the back corner of the store with no displays around it, so I guess it just got forgotten.  Anyway, they price matched that for me.  Between the money I got for my birthday and a $10 gift card, I only paid $10 out of pocket.

The TV is a Westinghouse, which isn’t as good as some other brands, but it had some really good reviews.  I took it out of the box and put the base on it when I got home, but I want to put it in the office and I need to get rid of the old one first, mainly because I don’t have any other place to put the new one.

I also received a camera stabilizer grip that I ordered for the Canon T4i last week.  I played with it a bit and it works nicely.  Funny how something like just being able to hold a camera a different way can make movement so much more smooth.

As fun as all that sounds, I spent most of my day settings up accounts for the client mentioned at the beginning of the post here.

I didn’t feel great today.  Mostly just all stuffy with a sore throat.  Milly didn’t feel great either.  In fact, I’d say she felt downright bad.  She slept in a bit, though that could be from daylight saving time.  Anyway, I got her up and gave her a bath to try to help clear her nose a bit.  Karen took her out with the intention of going to the gymnastics place to let her play, but she didn’t feel up to it so they got a doughnut and went to Brilliant Sky.  Milly didn’t eat hers and had Karen give it to the people at Brilliant Sky.  They let her have a little mermaid (not Little Mermaid) doll that she’s played with before in there.  They must love Milly.  Amanda and Karen have both taken things to them before.

Karen and Milly had been back a few minutes when I got back home.  Milly was in bed and Karen was looking at yearbooks to see what I looked like long ago.  She couldn’t find me in my… seventh grade, I think, yearbook, but I think that was because I was out the day they took the pictures and they put us missing kids at the back of the class.  I guess they laid it all out then had to add us in later.  I thought it was funny that Karen asked if I was sure we were in the right part of that book.  I told her I was pretty sure I knew who the people in my class were.

Milly actually requested that I lie down with her for a few minutes, which I don’t recall her asking for during nap time.  She didn’t stay up there too long, but I let her rest on the living room couch.  She went back up later and Amanda had to get her up at 7.  Milly was crying because she felt bad, and that’s just about the most pitiful thing you can see.  Amanda put Bambi on for her.  When she was considering what to watch she said she didn’t want to watch Spongebob because he’s too funny.

I went out to the store to pick up some yogurt, apple juice, Airborne and crackers.  I forgot the crackers, which Milly really wanted, so I went back to get them.  I was wearing a Duke jacket for that, and when I checked out the second time one of the guys working at the store said, “Y’all got us the other day.”  “Carolina fan, huh?” I asked.  Then the guy checking me out said, “Yeah, I turned it on before halftime, saw the score and turned it right off.”

Talked to Erin tonight.  Realized I hadn’t talked to her since she moved to Maryland, so I wanted to see how that was going.  She was temporarily coming home and has an invitation to stay with us for a week at some point.

I talked to Mom too, just to chat and catch up, tell her about all the exciting work things going on.

Amanda watched the finale of The Bachelor while I worked on finishing setting up accounts.  I finally finished towards the big reveal at the end and was in the living room for it, but I occupied myself fiddling with the new iPad.  Even after the guy made his decision there was another hour to the show.

Amanda went to bed and I watched Vikings.

Zach Dotsey