Remember the mermaid Milly got at Brilliant Sky yesterday?  Well, she told me today that she named her Pinkful.  Why not?  She’s got pink hair and a pink tail.  I’m glad Milly’s back to her inventive names instead of naming everything after Disney princes and princesses.

Milly and I continue to be sick.  Fun stuff.  She didn’t cough nearly as much today as she did yesterday.  I don’t think I did either, but my voice is hoarse.

I took her to a meeting with me this morning.  It was informal and it was with Mike Boscaljon, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  She was very inquisitive as I was setting up the lights for the shoot.  She was fine for a bit, but she started trying to talk while I was filming, so I sent her outside (it was rainy but felt nice, and she was on a covered patio) with the iPad, which I intelligently brought along.

I was just getting some footage to do a series on the artists I do websites for.  More than anything else it’s a project for me to brush up on videography and editing.  It turned out to be a good thing that I’m getting the practice because I opened the aperture too much to try to get a broader depth of field and the video ended up grainy.  I haven’t told Mike yet, but I’m going to have to go out and do it again.  Still, it was nice seeing him and hanging out for a bit.

I stayed busy with work today.  The rest of my week is pretty packed.  Tomorrow we’ve got the DirecTV guy coming out to hook that up, I’ve got a video shoot at 1:00, picking up a check from a new client after that then installing Half’s new website.  At some point in the afternoon Christen’s brother is coming by to pick up the old TV, we’ve got to watch this week’s message from church (because we didn’t go Sunday) and then we’ve got small group.

Thursday isn’t too crowded yet, but I’ll be working on setting up all the stuff for the client whose check I’ll be picking up tomorrow as I likely won’t have much time to get it all done after I get home.  We’ve also got the leader’s meeting at church that night.

On Friday I’ve got a meeting at 10:30 and another one at noon.  The 10:30 has the potential to be another big deal.  The lunch one will likely be some nice work too, but not the same big recurring thing that I’m going for so much these days.  Then again, maybe it will.

You may look at all that and think, Well, Zach, that doesn’t look like it’s all that much stuff.  And you’re right, it’s not.  What I left off is that the ACC Tournament goes from Thursday through Sunday.  Duke’s favored to win it, and the way they’re playing lately I have high hopes.  So sprinkle in eight basketball games over two days and it gets a little more packed.

I just had a thought.  If some of those meetings go the way I hope, maybe I’ll go to Greensboro on Sunday and try to pick up some tickets to the tourney.

Anyway, getting back to the day, I stayed pretty busy in the office until dinner.  Amanda made pasta (made from vegetables so Milly would get something healthy) for dinner with Milly’s help.  The two of them also played a good bit of Big Little Earth, which is what Milly’s calling Little Big Planet 2.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Revenge, Once Upon a Time and an episode of The Soup.  We’re pretty backed up on those.  We also looked at the recording of The Price is Right that’s been on our DVR for years now.  It’s Joe Runkle’s appearance. Never had a chance to get anything to move it off of there.  Last time we watched it it seemed the quality had degraded, but it was fine watching it tonight.  I’m also going to lose the 2010 82-50 Duke senior night romp over Carolina, Milly will lose Enchanted and Amanda will lose a week or more of Days of Our Lives, as we’ll be discontinuing our Time Warner Cable service tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey